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  • Rock Paper RECIPE- Tailgate style!

    If there is anything that I have learned since my move to Ann Arbor, it’s that you can’t say “Football Saturday” without “Tailgate.” More importantly, you can’t say tailgate without delicious snacks on snacks. But before you run out to the corner store for some chips and salsa, consider trying your hand in the kitchen. This is your chance to shine, my friends, and keep that golf course tailgate invite coming year after year. Now the question I’m sure you’re all dying to ask is, “Well what should I make?” You want something that will satisfy the grandma, the slightly-inebriated-but-trying-to-keep-it-together-in-front-of-adults college kid, the boyfriend’s cousin’s neighbor’s friend from out of town that keeps referring to the colors as “blue and yellow.” You want the bowl to be scraped clean, the moms to be asking for your recipe, and most importantly, to give people a reason to ditch the store-bought for the homemade. So without further adieu, here are some tailgate-ready recipes that will make people celebrate, no matter what the score. Mulled Hard Pear Cider I know I know, hard cider is one of the greatest things known to all those 21 and over. But let me just  say, there is something to be said for mixing it up every once in a while, and I will bet you all of the dollars that this will be a real winner. pear_cider Girdiron Punch This is a brand new take on the beer-punch bowl drink. Because come on, who doesn’t love a mid-tailgate tropical getaway? punch Cobb Salad Dip Here at Rock Paper Scissors, there is a bit of an obsession with the Cobb Salad from Jolly Pumpkin. Enter, Cobb Salad Dip (you’re welcome Lisa and Tori). cobb_dip Grilled Maple-Mustard Chicken Wings Holy mother of chicken wings. These bad boys are sure to give Mr. Wings (of Buffalo Wild Wings, of course) a run for his money. wings   Feel free to download and print these recipes and make sure you let us know what your favorite tailgate recipe is in the comments!

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  • The Pop Up Shop- Rock Paper Scissors DETROIT!

    This holiday season, we’re taking this show on the road! We are SO excited to announce that Rock Paper Scissors is headed down I-94 to Detroit for the holiday season! We’ll be popping up in a retail space on Woodward Avenue near a bunch of other great destinations, including Moosejaw, The Somerset Collection City Loft, D:hive, Spielhaus Toys, The Detroit Shoppe and new pop up shop The Handmade Co. What’s more, we’ll be in view of all the holiday festivities taking place at beautiful Campus Martius Park - tree lighting here we come! We could not be more excited to be a part of Detroit’s downtown scene. We’re right down the street from Ford Field, Comerica Park and some amazing eateries & bars like Roast, Grand Trunk, Detroit Beer Company and Small Plates, to name just a few. We’ll be opening November 13th and running through December 23rd – we hope you’ll swing by the store, grab a bite to eat, take a swirl on the ice rink and check out all of the amazing things that Detroit has to offer! We’ll have some of our favorite merchandise available at The Pop Up Shop. Looking for whimsical stocking stuffers or a unique gift to put under the tree? Or perhaps a card that strikes the perfect balance of holidays, honesty and hilarity? RPS Detroit hopes to deliver all that and more, with products from our favorite Michigan vendors, as well as carefully selected goods from artisans across the country. detroit (1)

    Stay tuned to the blog for more details about our crazy exciting Detroit adventures and what’s happening this holiday with Rock Paper Scissors. While you’re here, take a second to check out our updated website with location information at www.rockpaperscissorsshop.com/locations.


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  • Save the Handwritten Note

    [caption id="attachment_126" align="alignnone" width="900"]Jess_handwritten_note copy ** The front window at Rock Paper Scissors- Ann Arbor. Designed by Molly Jacques Erikson. Painted by John Copley. ** Spinners of greeting cards in the Ann Arbor store.**RPS Teammate Jess' cork board-- filled with RPS cards galore. ** The Ann Arbor store card wall. ** One of our favorite Hammerpress badget cards. **[/caption] If you’ve visited the stores in Tecumseh and Ann Arbor or have met our fun loving founders, you may know a thing or two about RPS. Perhaps you noticed our slight obsession with letterpress, envelope liners and if we’re honest, pretty much all things paper. Or, that we love cards with a good sense of humor and a lot of laughs, with a dash of snarkiness and expletives thrown in every now and then. At RPS, we also believe in the power of the handwritten note. Whether it’s an awesomely oversized congrats, a candid note of encouragement or a simple message of support, it means so much more when written by hand and sent in the mail. I’ve personally always been a sucker for handwritten notes of affection. What better way to say you care than by taking the time to put a pen to paper? And here’s a hint – if words aren’t really your thing, there’s a whole host of cards out there that can say it for you. Who wouldn’t swoon over a card with “I stinkin’ love your face,” “I like you just the way you are” or a simple “P.S. I love you.” I mean, REALLY. In today’s world of email, chats, tweets, texts and snaps, it’s never been easier to shoot friends a message…or selfie…or photo of your food (let’s be honest, I’m guilty of all three). But if you want to truly connect with someone and brighten their day, send your sentiments via good old fashioned mail. TRUST ME. I recently moved across the country, leaving friends, family and the happiest place on earth (Rock Paper Scissors, of course) behind. I still keep in touch digitally and over the phone (and I like to consider myself the California Correspondent of RPS) but there is something about the excitement of opening a handwritten note that just cannot be matched. It’s the same way with the lovely letters that make their way to the RPS locations in Ann Arbor and Tecumseh. Whether it’s a thank you note from a vendor, a message from a customer, or a funny card from friends, it’s undeniable that there’s something special about a handwritten card. So, here's your challenge if you choose to accept it. This month we’re challenging you to Save the Handwritten note and to send more mail!  We challenge you to send 3 cards, notes or pieces of non-bill mail a week. Take fun pictures of the envelopes, the mail, your mailbox, you writing the note, ANYTHING to let us know you’re sending more mail and hashtag #rpschallenge on instagram. Each week, we’ll draw a winner at random from participants! Are you in? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll send you an extra special treat!

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  • Nice to {RE} Meet You

    Nice to Meet You! We're Rock Paper Scissors! What do Marcus Mumford, the cast of 90210 (the 1990’s version), Rifle Paper Company, New York Whiskey Sours, dirty diapers, calligraphy, gourmet grilled cheese, letterpress wedding invitations, Michigan tailgating, envelopes and our love for fall all have in common? Easy! They all have the potential of popping up in our NEW & REFRESHED Rock Paper Scissors Blog! “A new and refreshed Rock Paper Scissors BLOG?!”,  you exclaim! I KNOW. We can hardly control our excitement either! Through the blog, we’ll take you behind the scenes at Rock Paper Scissors and into our everyday lives where we will be posting about everything including our obsession with paper and cards, what we ate for breakfast, weddings and celebrations, last night’s episode of New Girl, design, our unsuccessful attempts to lure visiting Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel and Katie Holmes to the store, travel and adventure, food & cocktails, gift giving, trends, invitations, and our love for all things Michigan and Midwest! In the upcoming weeks you’ll get to know us better and we can’t wait to meet you. Take a moment below and introduce yourself and we’ll send you an RPS EXCLUSIVE treat! 
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  • New Kids on the Block

    As we get ready to head to NYC for the Stationery Show and mark the ONE YEAR since we opened in Ann Arbor--we want to take the next couple days to share our customer's favorite greeting card & stationery lines. Our New Kids on the Block are SO much better than Joey, John, Danny, Donnie or Jordan, but they have the Right Stuff (insert high hat-- ba dum chaaaaa).  Our three newest designers-- Grey Moggie Press, Ink Meets Paper & Parrott Design have us all breathless & in love-- whether it's for the handlettering beauty, hilarious cards or perfectly said postcards-- we're swooning (yah, i said it) over these amazing finds. And, thankfully, our Ann Arbor friends, just can't get enough of 'em!

    Meet Ink Meets Paper Press-

    These guys had us at their tagline. Text Less. Write More. These newbies, Ink Meets Paper in Charleston, SC believes EVERY CARD HAS A STORY!  They say on their website "Handwriting cards to those we love allows us to share our own personal story. (They) create behind-the-scenes video that shows the letterpress printing process of your card." They even have a story code that you can scan or enter to learn the store of each card itself! Oh and wait until you catch a peek at their kraft envelopes. Be. still. our. handwritten note. lovin. hearts. Now, meet their designs, and prepare to smile--          

    Meet Grey Moggie Press--

    Melanie of Grey Moggie Press, a DC letterpress shop, describes herself as "dc dweller. letterpress instructor. lawyer by training. printer by trade. coffee drinker. cat mom. dog mom. baby mom. foodie wife. type enthusiast." We call her the genius & inspiration behind our #BabyGoosetoRPS campaign of 2013! Now, meet her designs:          

    Meet Parrott Design Studio

    We're so happy to introduce you to the designs of Sarah Parrott out of Providence, Rhode Island. Her handlettering & beautiful designs really great "Happy Letterpress Goods". We can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for NSS! Meet some of our favorite designs:           As we head to the Big Apple, make sure you're following us on facebook at www.facebook.com/rockpaperscissorsshop and on Instagram & Twitter at rockpapermi for new product finds & fun through out NYC :)

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  • Celebrate Mom!

      As the weather has turned SO nice this month, some of our favorite Mother's Day gifts help you get your Mama outside & into the sunshine! Visual Lingual's SEED BOMBS are a great lil' gift for your Mom! Throw in some chalkboard herb markers, a fun citronella candle & top it off with our favorite Rifle Paper Company Gardening notecards & your mama will give you a {green} thumbs up!                                                                                                             A few of our favorite Rifle Paper Company cards-- BACK IN STOCK & ready to head to your mother! We're LOVING Barr & Co. Bath & Body goodies- from Bath Soak, to liquid hand soap, hand salve & even tubes of the most AMAZING hand cream-- you can't go wrong with these treats!                                                             Thanks to Grey Moggie Press, we'll have this collection of Mother's Day cards back in stock in time for Ladies Night Out this Friday night! Stop in and tell your mom, she's the smartest, strongest, most beautiful & the MILB *Mom I Want to Be.   Lookin' for more of a laugh? Try these:  

     We hope you'll stop in for our new SUMMER hours Sunday-Tuesday 11-6, Wednesday & Thursday 11-8 and Friday & Saturday 10-10 and check us out! We're sure you'll be able to find something to put a smile on Mom's face :)


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