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  • RPS DIY- Dip Dye Thumb Tacks

    Inspired by all the gorgeous painted goods on Pinterest, I decided I had to try to make something similar. For my first foray into dip painting, I didn’t want to get too ambitious – so bowls, purses, and furniture (dip...

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  • RPS Lettering- Say it in French

    We're loving this hand lettering from one of our super talented interns, Caili Dalian! The flowers and lettering are adorable but it's the sentiment that makes us smile... and want to sign up for Rosetta Stone French. Do you have a...

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  • RPS Quote of the Week

    This week’s hand lettered quote was a request from our dear friend Amy. Her best friend experienced the unfathomable this week: the loss of her 2 year old son to cancer. This quote was in their hospital room at Mott...

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  • RPS Gift Guide- Smitten with the Mitten

    Michigan is the best state in the United States. Boom. There, I said it.  Here in Michigan, we’re smitten with so many parts of our state – don’t call us Tim Allen just yet, but we are all about Pure...

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