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  • RPS Engagement Week: Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette

    Welcome back to Engagement Week at Rock Paper Scissors! All week long we've been sharing tips and advice surrounding engagements right here on the blog, and are posting wedding and engagement inspiration on Pinterest as well.
    Today is all about wedding invitations - in particular, our guide to wording etiquette.
    So you've found an invitation suite that you love - now it's time to make sure it's worded it correctly! There are 6 parts to traditional invitation wording: the hosts, the request, bride & groom, date & time, location, and ending. While there's room for creativity throughout the wedding and invitation process, it's important to know proper etiquette - that way you can know what rules (if any) that you want to break. Let's take a look at each traditional invitation wording component:

    1. Hosts

    • Married: Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
    • Divorced: Mrs. Jane Smith and Mr. John Smith
    • Divorced and Remarried: Mother of the bride is written first
    • Parent has passed: Mr. John Smith and the late Jane Smith
    • There are a variety a more unique host options as well: "Together with their families" (Bride Name & Groom Name) invite you to john them… Or if the Bride & Groom are hosting, "Together with our families, (Bride Name & Groom Name) invite you to join us…
    Wedding Etiquette Host Names and Order Rock Paper Scissors
    2. The Request
    • If it's a church ceremony, use: "Request the honor of your presence"
    • If you're hosting a secular ceremony, feel free to use: "The pleasure of your company" or "invite you to join us as we celebrate" or other less traditional options.
    Wedding Etiquette Wording Request Rock Paper Scissors 3. Bride & Groom
    • Bride is listed first with only first & middle name. If the bride does not share a last name with parents, the last name is also included.
    • The groom is listed second, addressed as Mr. (or Dr., etc.) with first, middle & last name included.
    • You may leave out middle names of both bride and groom, if desired.
    • Having a same sex wedding? There's no rule in this case for which name comes first, but when in doubt, alphabetical order (of the last name) is always a safe bet.
    Wedding Etiquette Names Rock Paper Scissors 4. Date & Time
    • It is traditional to spell out the day, date, and year, with the day and month capitalized
    • Do not write "and" in the year - for example, two thousand fifteen, not two thousand and fifteen
    Wedding Etiquette Time and Date Rock Paper Scissors 5. Location, Location, Location!
    • Only the name of the venue (s) are typically written on the invitation
    • Street addresses are suggested to be written on a card with directions, and additional information card, or your wedding website.
    Wedding Etiquette Location Rock Paper Scissors
    6. Ending The ending of your invitation will depend on what's planned, but the following are great options:
    • Reception to follow
    • Cocktails, Dinner & Dancing to follow
    • Feast & Merriment to follow
    Floral Chartresue Wedding Invitation Merriment to Follow
    Love what you see in the invitation wording samples above? Each photo is from a real couple who chose Rock Paper Scissors as their wedding invitation destination! We loved working with each of them, and we'd love to help your wedding invitation dreams come true.
    To learn more about Rock Paper Scissors weddings, email weddings@rockpaperscissorsshop.com or make an appointment online today!

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  • Our Favorite Christmas Cards

    Still on the lookout for the perfect holiday card for friends and loved ones? Whether you're looking for a funny greeting or headed the more sweet and sincere route, we've got you covered, with a roundup of our favorite Christmas cards in stock right now at Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor. Our Favorite Holiday Cards Round Up Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor Michigan 1. These are a few of our favorite things! This gold foil letterpress card features a painted background and the message "Peace. Pie + Coffee + Joy to You" 2. We love this illustrated St. Nick card from Rifle Paper Co., featuring a painting of Santa Claus himself! 3. Raise a glass to getting red-nosed this holiday, with this letterpress card from Smock. 4. + 5. There's something so sweet about the gorgeous new holiday releases from Anna Bond - the "Joyeux Noel" and "Peace on Earth" cards strike the perfect balance between a beautiful color palette, painted scenes, and gold foil details. 6. The awkward holiday card from Emily McDowell is so on point! Perfect for friends who celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other festivity! 7. Feliz Navidad! We can't get enough of the festive background design, with fun white lettering overlaid. 8. Drinking can be a key part of making it through the holidays in one piece. This card from Ladyfingers Letterpress, "The Holiday Bar Devises a Strategy" hits the nail on the head, with beer, wine, champagne, and whiskey conspiring together to manage unruly relatives. 9. Simple yet stunning, this "Merry" card from Sugar Paper features pretty brush lettering in shiny gold foil. We at Rock Paper Scissors wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy Everything! Stop by to grab your last minute Christmas and New Year cards, and make sure to check back on the blog later this week - we'll be highlighting our favorite items to help ring in the new year! Looking for more holiday inspiration? Check out our pinterest board for decorating ideas, DIY projects, and more.

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  • Happy Holidays: Our Favorite Hanukkah Cards

    Hanukkah is right around the corner! This year, the holiday begins on December 16 and ends on December 24. To celebrate, we've rounded up some of our favorite Hanukkah cards currently in stock at Rock Paper Scissors - stop by and grab one today! Hanukkah Holiday Cards Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor 1. Merry Christmukkah! The holiday combination 1) is fun to say, 2) fun to celebrate, and 3) brings back nostalgic memories from everyone's favorite episodes of The OC. 2. This festive, fold-out banner card features block letters, glitter, and a suspended, embellished Star of David. 3. Love letterpress? This Happy Hannukah card from Ladyfingers Letterpress features lovely hand-lettering, gold dots, and a navy blue envelope. 4. For those with a fun sense of humor, this illustrated card features a playful rhyme: "Roses are reddish, violets are bluish, Santa's a gentile, but Jesus was Jewish." Inside message reads: "Happy Chanukah to one and all!" 5. We love this pale blue Hannukah card, featuring gold foil and and white and gold envelope liner adorned with stars. 6. Oy to the World! This beautiful card features a menorah, fun lettering, and a deep teal color. 7. This gorgeous Hanukkah card features hand-lettering from Anna Rifle Bond, printed in a silver glitter foil on pale blue. 8. Designed in a chalkboard style, this lettered greeting reads: "Wishing you light & peace, Happy Hanukkah" in white, set against a blue background with an illustrated menorah and Star of David. These (and many more) Hanukkah cards and items are available at Rock Paper Scissors in downtown Ann Arbor - and we've been curating additional online holiday inspiration via our Pinterest board "Happy Holidays!" Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!

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  • Shop Bed & Butter Online - Free Shipping This Week Only!

    Earlier this year, we launched our sister store Bed & Butter, located just down the street in downtown Ann Arbor! Bed & Butter is all about items that provide beauty and utility - whether it's home goods, gifts, kitchen tools, or items for baby & kids. Since before the store opening, we've been working behind the scenes to create an online destination for our customers, filled with a curated selection of our favorite items. The site is now live, and to celebrate, we're providing all online customers with free shipping for this week only - simply enter the code SHOPBEDBUTTER during checkout! Bed & butter Website now live While you're there, make sure you create an online account - this will get you entered in our Friends with Benefits rewards program, where you'll receive an exclusive letterpress art print, hand lettered by Kristen Drozdowski.

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  • Wedding Wednesday: Our Favorite Union Wedding Items

    Looking for a great congratulations card for an upcoming same-sex wedding? If the more traditional wedding wishes don't strike the right chord for an upcoming union, perhaps some of our favorite items below will do the trick! Our Favorite Wedding Union Items Rock Paper Scissors Michigan Ann Arbor Whether you favor letterpress printed greetings or hand lettered foil details, we have a variety of same-sex congratulations cards in stock at Rock Paper Scissors in Ann Arbor, Michigan! In addition to wedding congratulations, we're also quite fond of the "Congratulations on Your EnGAYgement" engagement card, as well as the wedding mugs - because, like our cards from The Social Type say - two brides (or grooms!) are better than one!  

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  • Welcoming Our New Addition & Saying Thanks with Haute Papier!

    Last Friday,  we welcomed our new little girl Mackenzie Ann to our family at 3:49 in the morning. As I sit here and type, I'm already feeling nostalgic about the first week of her life. I mean how could she be a week old already? Next thing you know I'll be explaining to her that that there was actually a life without Netflix and that I went through my entire high school career without a cell phone, as I send her off to college, probably in a car that drives itself.
    Regardless of the whirlwind of a week, one thing holds true— having great friends, family, and coworkers make the craziness and shock of having a newborn so much easier! From that giant pot pie (the best pot pie I have EVER eaten),  the coffee, sweets and donuts and packs of diapers to the texts, phone calls, emails and handwritten notes— thanks to everyone for their support!
    At both Rock Paper Scissors and Bed & Butter we believe in "saying thank you" and making sure gratitude is known and felt— both vocally and with a handwritten note.  For me, this meant that as soon as we picked a baby name, it was time to pick stationery.  Some people get pumped about picking a baby bag or stroller, but not me - stationery and envelope liners get my heart racing.
    Because we picked a name a few months ago, it allotted enough time to get beautiful letterpress stationery from Haute Papier.  Helping a client a few weeks ago with the ordering of a Grande Stationery Box, I knew this was the way to go. This amazing stationery box (a silk box of your choice, to be exact) is jam packed with 4 sets of 25* letterpress notecards of your own customization.
    Custom Letterpress Stationery and Envelope Liners from Haute Papier
    You can pick colors, fonts, monograms, envelope liners, and return address options. We picked 4 different sets of 25— a formal note for Mackenzie, a casual note for Mackenzie, one for both the girls that says Mattison & Mackenzie, and one for our family. Mackenzie turns 1 week old today and our thank you notes have already hit the mail— it's a great feeling!
    Silk Grand Stationery Box and Custom Letterpress
    The box arrived beautifully wrapped in a hot pink satin ribbon, totally gift ready, about 10-14 business days after we approved the proofs! The Haute Papier Grande Box is available for customization at both Bed & Butter and Rock Paper Scissors.
    *Does 100 notes seem like too much? There are smaller increments and gift boxes available! Stop in to learn more! *

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