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  • Wedding Wednesdays- Meet Fig. 2 Design!

    We've loved Fig. 2 Design since we opened our doors in Ann Arbor! From the cards to the gift wrap, we routinely swoon over Fig. 2's clean design paired with fun colors (hello neon!). This summer, we took our love of Fig. 2 Design to the next level and jumped feet first into their full wedding collection. Both albums, Felicity and Fresh, contain 16 suites each, with printing options including offset, flat, and letterpress, to fit any aesthetic or budget. Their most recent collaboration with Lindsay Letters has us over the moon for Fig. 2 Design. The collection, part of a challenge from Brides Magazine, features gorgeous lettering and themes including rustic garden, spring fling and nautical knots, each able to be customized by color. The suites include Lindsay Letters' unique calligraphy offered by the line, which means that you're able to have just your names in the signature calligraphy, or the whole suite, part of a suite, really whatever you wish! The possibilities are endless, and so are the amazing designs coming from Fig. 2 Design, and lead lady in charge Claudia. Take a second and check out how this amazing stationery studio got its name, and how Claudia thinks she'd beat us in a game of rock, paper, scissors! fig_2_layout 1.       How’d you name your brand/company? Fig. 2 is named after the way pictures are captioned in books and catalogs, something I used to design a lot of. 2.       What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on? That's a tough one! I really do love everything I do but lately I've loved our Letters For Love line where we collaborate with calligraphers who generously donate the word "love" or something love related and I take care of the design, production and marketing. In turn we donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. I've always had a passion for calligraphy so to be working with such talented people is very rewarding. 3.       If you had to tattoo one word on your body, what word would you choose? I'm way too scared of that type of pain but if I weren't I think I might pick supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. How can you not smile when you see and hear that word? 4.       What’s your signature cocktail? Bellinis because I LOVE peaches and a little bubbly never hurt. 5.       Stripes or polka dots? That's like asking a mother who her favorite child is! I probably have more polka dot items than stripe. 6.       What song is on repeat on your iTunes right now? Holy Grail (Jay Z and Justin Timberlake). 7.       If you had to describe your work/style in three words, what would those words be? Clean, crisp, and colorful. 8.       If you could have a weird Freaky Friday experience for a day, which designer would you want to switch bodies with and why? Probably someone who has taken their business to the next level so I can understand how they do it all! 9.       What advice would you give to 20 year old you? Listen to your dad... take some business classes. 10.     If we challenged you to a game of rock, paper, scissors, which would you choose? Why? Paper of course! But to be specific, double thick, bright white, letterpressed type and gold foil. From Claudia's choice in tattoos (does it get any better than a Mary Poppins reference?!) to her amazing designs, to how her paper would clearly reign supreme in a game of rock, paper, scissors, we're head over heels for Fig. 2 Design! Do you LOVE the look of Fig. 2? Is the Lindsay Letters calligraphy look screaming your name for your perfectly unique wedding suite? Visit us at www.rockpaperscissorsshop.com/weddings and make an appointment today! We'd love to show you all of the amazing options RPS has for your wedding stationery!   Photos above:

    1. "Just Me & You" wedding invitation suite from Fig 2. Design, available at Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor & Tecumseh. 2. Claudia, Designer and Proprietress of Fig. 2 Design, in her studio. 3. "Spring Fling" wedding invitation suite, part of the Fig 2. Design and Lindsay Letters collaboration, available at Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor & Tecumseh. 4. Hilarious (and oh so accurate) bridesmaid card from Fig 2. (With neon and letterpress, no less). Available at Rock Paper Scissors' Ann Arbor location.5. "Over the Moon" wedding invitation suite, part of the Fig 2. Design and Lindsay Letters collaboration, available at Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor & Tecumseh. 6. Adorable "Thank You Bunches" card from Fig. 2 Design.

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  • Save the Handwritten Note

    [caption id="attachment_126" align="alignnone" width="900"]Jess_handwritten_note copy ** The front window at Rock Paper Scissors- Ann Arbor. Designed by Molly Jacques Erikson. Painted by John Copley. ** Spinners of greeting cards in the Ann Arbor store.**RPS Teammate Jess' cork board-- filled with RPS cards galore. ** The Ann Arbor store card wall. ** One of our favorite Hammerpress badget cards. **[/caption] If you’ve visited the stores in Tecumseh and Ann Arbor or have met our fun loving founders, you may know a thing or two about RPS. Perhaps you noticed our slight obsession with letterpress, envelope liners and if we’re honest, pretty much all things paper. Or, that we love cards with a good sense of humor and a lot of laughs, with a dash of snarkiness and expletives thrown in every now and then. At RPS, we also believe in the power of the handwritten note. Whether it’s an awesomely oversized congrats, a candid note of encouragement or a simple message of support, it means so much more when written by hand and sent in the mail. I’ve personally always been a sucker for handwritten notes of affection. What better way to say you care than by taking the time to put a pen to paper? And here’s a hint – if words aren’t really your thing, there’s a whole host of cards out there that can say it for you. Who wouldn’t swoon over a card with “I stinkin’ love your face,” “I like you just the way you are” or a simple “P.S. I love you.” I mean, REALLY. In today’s world of email, chats, tweets, texts and snaps, it’s never been easier to shoot friends a message…or selfie…or photo of your food (let’s be honest, I’m guilty of all three). But if you want to truly connect with someone and brighten their day, send your sentiments via good old fashioned mail. TRUST ME. I recently moved across the country, leaving friends, family and the happiest place on earth (Rock Paper Scissors, of course) behind. I still keep in touch digitally and over the phone (and I like to consider myself the California Correspondent of RPS) but there is something about the excitement of opening a handwritten note that just cannot be matched. It’s the same way with the lovely letters that make their way to the RPS locations in Ann Arbor and Tecumseh. Whether it’s a thank you note from a vendor, a message from a customer, or a funny card from friends, it’s undeniable that there’s something special about a handwritten card. So, here's your challenge if you choose to accept it. This month we’re challenging you to Save the Handwritten note and to send more mail!  We challenge you to send 3 cards, notes or pieces of non-bill mail a week. Take fun pictures of the envelopes, the mail, your mailbox, you writing the note, ANYTHING to let us know you’re sending more mail and hashtag #rpschallenge on instagram. Each week, we’ll draw a winner at random from participants! Are you in? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll send you an extra special treat!

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