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  • Let's Celebrate Mom

    We love celebrating moms (and grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, and other generally awesome women in our lives)! Mother's Day is the perfect time to give our moms a huge thank you for all they do for us throughout the year. 

    We put together a few gift ideas we think moms would love, but come in and see us for more suggestions. We'd love to help you pick out something that's perfect for you mom!

    For the Mom who appreciates pretty things:

    For the Mom who runs the show:

    For the Mom who could really use a drink:

    For the Mom who likes to fill her home with beautiful pieces:


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  • Celebrating the Kentucky Derby

    What were we doing on the first Saturday in May? Watching the Kentucky Derby, of course!

    We actually started our celebration a few days before with a Kentucky Derby themed spring hostess event at the store. We loved seeing everyone come in wearing their Derby hats. We enjoyed brown butter pecans, pecan bars, and cocktails. Thanks to our wonderful neighbor, The Pretzel Bell, we had a bartender in attendance making wonderful mint juleps and southern spiced sweet tea cocktails, all served in beautiful Juliska glassware. 

    Another highlight of the night was having an engraving machine in-store. Any Mariposa item purchased that evening was engraved with a custom design, date, monogram, or wording. Watching the engraving machine work it's magic was so much fun! 

    Please come in and ask us about Mariposa, Juliska, and all our other favorite hostess items!

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  • Pineapples Galore

    Pineapples are having a moment right now, and not just on the breakfast table. This delicious, vitamin-C filled fruit is also a super fun shape for everything from party supplies to home decor. Even though pineapples are popular, they're not exactly trendy. Pineapples are as classic as seersucker and monograms thanks to the fact that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality. 

    Love of the pineapple began with Christopher Columbus and his visit to the Caribbean Islands where he was presented with a fruit that looked like a pine cone. In Europe and in colonial America, pineapples were served to guests at meals to make guests feel welcome and special. Pineapples have long been a favorite decor motif, being carved into wooden banisters, cast as door knockers and gate posts, and woven into fabric used for drapes, napkins, tablecloths, and much more. 

    Today the pineapple still symbolizes hospitality, but in many cases it also represents fun! We love classic pineapples on beautiful letter-pressed stationery just as much as we love fun pineapple drink holders that are perfect for an afternoon at the pool or lake. 

    Make your space and parties more welcoming by adding some pineapples!

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  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's day is almost here! We're ready to help you celebrate your first crush, the love of your life, or your favorite friend. Stop by on Valentine's Day and grab this adorable crate that includes a card, chocolate chip sea salt cookies from Avalon Bakery, a succulent, and a bouquet from University Flower Shop

    Image may contain: flower

    We'd also love to help you put together the perfect gift that your special someone will use well past Valentine's Day. We have lots of pink and red, but we can come up with a lovely gift in any color scheme! Visit us tomorrow during our extended hours , 10am-7pm, and let us help you share the love!

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  • A Note of Thanks

    In these grey days of January we look for anything and everything to add a little brightness to our days. One thing that always makes us feel lighter and brighter is sending and receiving thank you notes. Of course, we mean handwritten thank you notes. 

    Saying thank you is so important and saying it via a handwritten note always makes a big impact. We've all been taught that writing a thank you note is part of having good manners, but did you know that simply writing a thank you note increases feelings of gratitude, optimism and happiness? 

    We write thank you notes whenever we receive a gift, but we also make sure to write notes of thanks to hostesses, employees doing an extra great job, and friends who we appreciate just because they are who they are.

    Reading this article about a man who sent a thank you note for every day of the year left us inspired. This year we plan to write more than you notes than ever before. We want to spread gratitude, cheer, and save the handwritten note all at the same time. Will you join us?! 

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  • 17 Things We're Looking Forward to in 2017

    1. More workshops - We're excited to learn new skills including wreath making and the basics of calligraphy. Registration information will be on our website soon!
    2. Lots of visits to Avalon Cafe & Kitchen - Have you been to downtown Ann Arbor's newest coffee shop and cafe? If not, we suggest you visit Avalon soon and enjoy their coffee, cocktails, and delicious baked goods.
    3. More coffee, please! We're excited to have Avalon join the neighborhood, but we will surely continue to visit other local favorites including Roos Roast, Mighty Good, and Literati Coffee. We can never get enough local coffee.
    4. Giving presents to our favorite babies and kids - We continue to fill the store with more and more adorable baby and kid items perfect for baby showers, birthdays, holidays, or just to tell your favorite little one that they're doing a great job!
    5. Wearing Bourbon & Boweties bracelets - Were you lucky enough to receive a Bourbon & Boweties bracelet in your stocking this Christmas? Some of us were and we can't wait to wear them all through 2017. This bracelet line, handmade in Florida, is one of our favorite new additions to the store. There's a color and style for everyone and we love to stack them.
    6. Ann Arbor Summer Festival - This cold, grey weather has us dreaming of warm summer days. We're excited for picnic dinners while listening to music at Top of the Park and movies under the stars.
    7.  Art Fair! The craziness of the holiday season may just have ended, but we're already excited for the hustle and bustle of Art Fair.
    8. Reading more books -  At our recent staff holiday party almost all of us agreed that we want to read more in 2017. Whether it be novels, short stories, or non-fiction, we want to fill our bookshelves and make reading everyday a priority. Have a great book recommendation? Let us know!
    9. Shopping local! The selection of local items in Ann Arbor continues to grow. Whether it be produce from the farmers market, books from Literati, or makeup from Lily Grace, we love supporting other local businesses.
    10. Trying new places - we love being out and about trying new restaurants, bars, and activities. If you have a recommendation of somewhere we should check out, let us know!
    11. A Bunny Brunch! We had SO much fun celebrating Christmas with a North Pole Breakfast at RPS, that we're planning on a Bunny Brunch at RPS to celebrate Easter. Keep checking the website for registration details and get ready to dress your little ones up in their best pastels for a adorable, kid-friendly morning.
    12. Getting outside - With over 150 parks in Ann Arbor and the beautiful Huron River we're looking forward to spending time appreciating all the recreation opportunities in our city.
    13. Giving back to our community - the amazing work done by doctors and nurses at Mott hospital means the world to us and we look forward to another year of supporting Mott through the Event on Main.
    14. Sending more snail mail - Every year we make it a point to send more mail. Birthday? Send a card! Anniversary? Send a card! Tough Tuesday? Send a card! With fun new cards from Tiramisu Paperie, Tay Ham, Ink Meets Paper, and many, many more there's a card for absolutely everyone you know. 
    15. Practicing our handlettering skills...and lots of practice is required for a few of us! Our first handlettering workshop back in the fall was so fun that we've planned more workshops for 2017 and will be announcing details soon. 
    16. Being inspired - we talk with interesting people every day and surround ourselves with creative designers to contribute products to our store, all of whom inspire us to be more creative ourselves.
    17. Celebrating our customers! This is the most important item on the list since all of you guys rock! We appreciate each and every person who comes into Rock Paper Scissors.

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