By Lisa Roberts

Earn 2x Points for Fat Tuesday

Pączki Day -- A Midwest tradition! IYKYK. At RPS, we can't make you delicious confections, but we can offer our own little luxurious self-indulgence. Shop online and in-store all day today -- Fat Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024 --and earn double points on your purchases. 

Our You Rock Rewards program is now better than ever, with bigger incentives for referring friends. For each friend you refer who makes a purchase, earn 250 points, which will automatically bump you to the next rewards tier (a value of at least $10). Plus, your friend gets 20% off their first purchase!

Log-in to your You Rock Rewards here

Rewards FAQs

  • How do I earn rewards?
    The #1 way to earn rewards is to make purchases. On a normal day, every dollar you spend earns 1 point. You can also earn points by completing your profile and referring friends. All the ways to earn points are visible when you log in to the rewards widget on our website.
  • How do I redeem my rewards?
    When you're logged in to the popup rewards widget, you can choose which rewards to apply to your purchase. In-store, when you give an associate your email address, they'll be able to see which rewards you qualify for.
  • How do I link all my purchases?
    The address to which you received this email is your unique identifier in the rewards program. When you make purchases in-store or online, be sure to use this same email address to link all your purchases.
  • Where did all my previous points go?
    We've had this rewards program since April of 2023 and rewards in other forms since 2012. At each transition, we've moved over points plus a bonus award. We have no way to verify points earned before April 2023.
  • I understand, but I still don't think I am seeing all my points?
    If you've used different emails, we may have multiple accounts for you. We can only combine those manually, so shoot us an email to get that straightened out:
  • How do I get my $5 birthday coupon?
    First, we have to know when your birthday is! Sign in to the popup widget on our website and complete your rewards profile OR tell an associate when you're checking out in-store. Then, when you get your birthday email, follow the link button to load your coupon to your account. An associate can only see your reward if you've done this step.
  • How do I refer a friend for $10 off?
    For every friend you refer who then makes a purchase, you earn 250 points, automatically bumping you to the next rewards tier (a value of at least $10). Plus, when you refer them, they get 20% off their first purchase. You can find your unique referral link in this email or by logging in to the You Rock rewards widget on our website.