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  • Meet John Robshaw textiles

    We're thrilled to be carrying bedding, quilts, and decorative items from textile designer John Robshaw at Rock Paper Scissors! His vibrant patterns really add something special to a space, so we jumped at the opportunity to offer his designs to downtown Ann Arbor. After studying traditional block printing in China, Robshaw traveled throughout Asia, learning various traditional techniques and taking inspiration for his textiles from artisans he's met along the way. Mahzar DuvetKasu Indigo Duvet The RPS Team would love to show you the  sample swatches for Robshaw quilts and sheets - with seemingly endless options for color, pattern, and layering possibilities! A sampling of the quilts are below. Each pattern is unique and limited - so if you see something you love don't hesitate! Halim DuvetLahuti Duvet Love what you see? Looking for a gorgeous addition to your bedroom? Come check out our selections from John Robshaw at RPS! Pasak Decorative PillowImaz Decorative Pillow

    Rizwan Bed Collection

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  • RPS Registry Favorites: Juliska

    We have all the heart eyes for Juliska dishware. Why, you might ask? For one, Juliska's mantras are very similar to how we approach entertaining at RPS. "Whether formal or casual, always be festive." "We believe in savoring the moment, loving your life, being bold, making your own rules, and always finding reasons to celebrate." We certainly are celebrating having Juliska at Rock Paper Scissors!  Juliska is versatile. You can use it everyday or dress it up with accessories like napkin rings, placemats, and linen napkins and use it to serve your special guests. Juliska is functional. It can go in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, or freezer. This function allows you to use pieces for baking and then take them directly to the table for serving. Juliska makes serving easy and beautiful at the same time. Juliska is diverse. Juliska offers a pattern for every style and occasion. Do you appreciate simplicity? Then the Puro Collection might be for you. Are you more of a traditionalist? Check out Berry & Thread. Are you looking to create a festive holiday table? Perhaps, you'll fall in love with the Country Estate Winter Frolic as we have. We could go on and on since there are so many other collections, with glassware, utensils, and linens to complement them all. Juliska is a family business. Juliska was founded by a husband and wife, Capucine and David De Wolfe in 2001. They began with Bohemian glassware and quickly expanded the Juliska line into everything you could possibly need for a table settting. Juliska takes great care in designing and creating their pieces which is why they are so functional, yet also beautiful.  We invite you to come into RPS and experience Juliska for yourself. Play around with the table settings we have, mix and match the different designs until you find a set that reflects your personal style and way of entertaining. We think you'll fall in love with Juliska just like we have. 

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