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  • Wedding Wednesday: Our Favorite Union Wedding Items

    Looking for a great congratulations card for an upcoming same-sex wedding? If the more traditional wedding wishes don't strike the right chord for an upcoming union, perhaps some of our favorite items below will do the trick! Our Favorite Wedding Union Items Rock Paper Scissors Michigan Ann Arbor Whether you favor letterpress printed greetings or hand lettered foil details, we have a variety of same-sex congratulations cards in stock at Rock Paper Scissors in Ann Arbor, Michigan! In addition to wedding congratulations, we're also quite fond of the "Congratulations on Your EnGAYgement" engagement card, as well as the wedding mugs - because, like our cards from The Social Type say - two brides (or grooms!) are better than one!  

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  • Last Minute Father's Day Gifts: Books for Dad!

    Stumped on what to get dad this Father's Day? We at RPS totally understand - sometimes gift giving can be harder than it seems! With the big day right around the corner (it's  Sunday, June 15 - in case you forgot) we've been getting a lot of questions about how to find the perfect gift for dad. While there's no "one size fits all" answer for Father's Day gift giving, one of our favorite items this year is books. Whether you're looking for something heartfelt, hipster, or hilarious, we've got you covered with our Father's Day book roundup below! Books for Dad 1. Dad's Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time. With a title like that, need we say more? Written by author and parenting expert Tom Limbert (with a forward by Steve Young), this gift book for dad collects more than 100 inspiring quotes from the greatest coaches of all time. Dad's Playbook takes wisdom from John Madden, Vince Lombardi, Tommy Lasorda, Phil Jackson (and many more) and applies their teaching to fatherhood - and after all, dads do what the best coaches do: they motivate, mentor, discipline, and love. Our fave passage? Well, it's impossible to choose just one, but I'm personally a fan of this quote from Chuck Noll: "The thrill isn't in the winning, it's in the doing." Well said, Coach Noll. 2. Let Dad know you appreciate his cool ways and forward thinking style with Dads Are the Original Hipsters, by Brad Getty. If you haven't looked at old school photos of your pops recently, you really should - not only for the trip down memory lane, but for the guaranteed realization that dads were, in fact, the original hipsters. Based on the popular tumblr Dads Are the Original Hipsters, this gift book highlights the traits and looks that you thought were hipster property, but in fact, your dad was rocking way before it was cool. Each page is dedicated to a different hipster trait, with matching vintage dad photos to illustrate each item. Each passage is hilariously written, with a message to hipsters at the end of each page. Items of note include looking homeless, unkempt hair, knit hats, being skinny, chukka boots, hating on everything, cycling caps, suspenders, tattoos, non-American sports, ugly sweaters, tank tops, colored Ray Ban knockoffs, skinny ties, and more! 3. Beer Makes Daddy Strong. Witty and wise, this affectionate tribute (with 60 cartoons from author Andy Riley) is a celebration of fatherhood, including all its up, downs, joys, confusion, humor, and of course, beer. Beer Makes Daddy Strong shows the world just how great dads can be: he knows all the best car games ("Who can stay quiet the longest?"), likes to show off his scars (that he may or may not have obtained while running with the bulls in Spain), is a great cook (when Spaghetti Bolognese is on the menu), and has a sensitive side (who says they saw him crying during Toy Story 3?). The book even has a humorous take on Father's Day ("Those colorful ties that you bought for Daddy on a previous Father's Days' are kept in a special drawer...so special, in fact, that they never come out of it.") 4. Does your dad have some awesome facial hair going on? Or what about moustache aspirations? If so, the Moustache Grower's Guide is the perfect gift for pops. Whether it's a Handlebar, a Fu Manchu, or a Laser Loop, this illustrated guide can help men everywhere achieve the moustache of their dreams! The book contains instructions on how to grow, groom, and maintain 30 classic and modern moustaches (as well as fashion advice for how to rock each look). Each style includes the name of the 'stache, any aliases, a list of icons who wore it, as well as information on time required to grow and difficulty levels. With tons of illustrations and exclusive tips from professional competitors, The Moustache Grower's Guide will add major style to any 'stache.

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  • Snapshots from NSS: Vol. 2 - New Designs from RPS Favorites

    Our time at the National Stationery Show (NSS) in New York meant that we had the chance to check out the best of the best in paper products, from across the country (and in some cases, the world!). While there were new vendors we were excited to meet, we also had the chance to visit some of our favorite artists we currently carry at Rock Paper Scissors, to say hello, catch up, and check out their new designs. ladyfingers letterpress card wall Hand-drawn and awesome? Damn straight! The Ladyfingers Letterpress booth was a sight to behold! There's nothing better than a wall full of hand drawn, letterpress printed cards (many with adorable illustrations and almost all with a clever quip or pun!). Not to mention that these ladies are some of the nicest people ever. ladyfingers letterpress constellation bday card We spent a solid amount of time swooning over Ladyfinger's new releases, including this birthday card featuring a constellation star guide. The piece has moving parts, so you can see how the night sky changes on each day of the year! Message reads: "Wishing You A Stellar Birthday!" ladyfingers letterpress emergency hangry snacks The number of booths with great new goods made for long days walking the NSS exhibit floor - and made cases of hangry a real possibility. (That's hungry + angry, for those who may not be familiar with the term, or rather, angry 'cause you're hungry. The Aretha Franklin / Liza Minnelli Snicker's Superbowl commercial is a great reference material regarding the hangry concept). Needless to say, we loved the adorable Emergency Hangry Snacks bags from Ladyfingers (pictured above). ladyfingers baby bump Speaking of adorable, how about this pregnancy card?!?! The lettering, the letterpress, the pop-out detail?! We're loving this new release from Ladyfingers Letterpress (pictured above). In fact, this card, and all the other new guys, are each headed to Rock Paper Scissors in Ann Arbor! two brides two grooms cards.jpg At NSS, we also got our first sneak peek of the newest cards from The Social Type, including the adorable union wedding cards above (two brides/grooms are better than one), and the "Forever + Ever" card below. Awesome lettering, gorgeous foil, and sweet sentiments, perfect for the big day! forever and ever social type.jpg poppin bottles for you card The Social Type's new, funky lettering style carried over onto additional new releases we loved, including the "poppin' bottles for you" card pictured above (perfect for a wedding, birthday, or really any sort of congratulations). With the graffiti type and the foil hologram, it's clear that the 90s are finally making their long awaited comeback. We were also fans of the "you make my heart go boom boom boom" card (pictured below), with its bright pink lettering against a white background. These, and many other new cards from The Social Type, are headed to Ann Arbor soon! you make my heart go boom boom Rifle Paper Co. is another current RPS vendor booth we enjoyed visiting with while checking out the new goods! We loved their gorgeous booth, as well as their new items, many of which had fun, bright color palettes, like this illustrated travel journal pictured below. bon voyage rifle notebook The bright colors of their pink and chartreuse gold foil floral journals are a breath of fresh air! We love the new take on Rifle's signature floral patterns in these notebooks, which come two per set. rifle notes notebook Rifle has also recently released these new swan and flamingo illustrated notebooks, just in time for warmer weather. rifle notebooks swans The bright, summery floral coaster set pictured below comes in a gorgeous patterned box. It's one of many new takes on the Rifle Paper signature floral style that we're gave two thumbs up. Stay tuned to see all the beautiful new cards and products heading our way from Rifle Paper Co. rifle floral coasters It was so fun getting to spend time chatting with the friendly duo behind Ink Meets Paper. They had plenty of new designs for us to discover (each so lovely that we had to order them all!) ink meets paper new cards The walls filled with new releases (one of many, pictured above) were just beaaaauuuutiful! you are so lovely via Rock Paper Scissors blog I was particularly fond of the pattern, color choices, and lettering on the "you are so lovely" card, as well as the adorable arrow "hello" card (pictured above). I'm also a sucker for paper airplane details (reminiscent one of my favorite previous Ink Meets Paper releases), so I had to snap a shot of the perfectly pressed "happy birthday" card below. Each of these new kids on the block are headed to Rock Paper Scissors! happy birthday airplane card Loving the new finds from our talented NSS friends? Be sure to follow Rock Paper Scissors on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram to see when the new goods from NSS arrive in the store! Enjoying our snapshots from the National Stationery Show? You can check out our first post, featuring New York themed hand lettering, as well as featured cards and goods from Moglea, Bench Pressed, Linda & Harriet, and Compendium, by clicking here.

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  • Snapshots from NSS 2014: Vol. 1

    If you've been following RPS on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, than you've likely noticed that we spent part of this past week in fabulous New York City, attending the National Stationery Show! NSS gives us a front row seat to the latest and greatest of the stationery world. From wrap and wedding suites, to letterpress calendars and cards, this event showcases it all. The talented vendors and exhibitors spend the year creating new designs and products, and it all comes together in the beautiful booth displays at NSS. Over the next few  days, we'll be sharing some of our favorite snapshots, products, and booth displays from the event on the blog. Feel free to let us know what your favorites are in the comments, and stay tuned online - we'll keep you posted on FB, Insta, and Twitter when our newly ordered goods arrive in the store! We kicked off the trip with a quote from Jay-Z 's Empire State of Mind (of course!), lettered by RPS' in-house designer, the talented Kristen Drozdowski: newwww yorrrrkkkkk cropped ...and this (pictured below) is where the stationery magic happens each year - the Javits Center in Manhattan. Through that doorway lies aisles upon aisles of rows upon rows of paper goodness. javits Linda & Harriet had both a beautifully painted booth and gorgeous letterpress goods. We swooned over their calendar, displayed with other paintings in their gorgeous, black and white booth with pops of color. Linda Harriet We also could not get enough of their boxed notecards. It's a seasonal set, with 4 different illustrated cards for each season! Spring has rainbows, kites, pineapples, and leaves, summer features anchors, fish, sailboats, and waves, fall is all about pinecones, ferns, fig leaves, and mums, and winter features snow, hearts, trees, and holly. It's basically a rainbow of adorable. Each card is paired with light gray envelopes and packaged in a turquoise plaid keepsake box. Yes, please.  (Not to fret, both items are heading to Ann Arbor soon!) linda harriet cropped To put it simply, Moglea's booth was a STUNNER. Meg Gleason, the woman behind the brand, really outdid herself with gorgeous hand painted walls and a bunch of new items! We LOVED the envelope liner on this handlettered bride to be loveliness. MOGLEA BRIDE Copper foil and dip dye? Don't mind if we do! moglea mix We love the gorgeous, painterly backgrounds featured in some of Moglea's recent releases, like this parent-to-be card! We've got some great Moglea goods in stock already, and can't wait to add to our collection in Ann Arbor! MOGLEA PARENT We LOVE these journals, available in almost every color of the rainbow! With various sayings printed in small, simple, clean gold foil, you can choose whatever sentiment speaks to you! journalssssss Bench Pressed, another RPS favorite, understands our love of expletives, as evidenced in this "Shit F*ck Damn Sorry" card. bench pressed   They also created some hilarious birthday greetings, such as this "Dead in Dog Years" card and the "Congrats on Being the Oldest You've Ever Been!" We just had to order both. bench pressed dead dog years crop benchpressed oldest crop Stay tuned, as there's tons more favorites from the National Stationery Show that we can't wait to share with you! We'll be posting more soon, and are bringing these bad boys home to Michigan!

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  • National Stationery Show Mailer Favorites Round #2

    Before we head to the airport for NSS in NYC, we wanted to share some more of our favorite mailers! Chickity check out how much energy and detail went into these pieces! We truly appreciate them and are so excited to see these booths and artists in person! 1) Power & Light Press. We love a good peep show, especially if it involves letterpress! peepshow   peepshow2 2) Moglea. The patterns, the paper flower, the gold foil, our love for the thick museum board they print on, we can't get to Booth #2046 quick enough! moglea 3) Smock & Bella Figura. Two of our favorite wedding invitation brands took our breath away with the gold foil, the blind press, and the patterns! We're in love. metallicflower metallicflower3 4) 9th Letterpress. You guys, they have a PINEAPPLE wax seal. They pressed gold on dark paper. They provided us their favorite places to check out in the city. They gave us a coffee sleeve for a cup o' coffee.  Can't wait to catch up and see what's new with these lovely ladies! 9thletterpress19thletterpress 5) Oh Hello Friend.  Oh Hello Friend is new to us, but their mailer definitely got  us excited to get to know them better! We're loving the vellum envelope, the fun tags , the awesome temporary tattoo (be awesome today? heck yes!), but our hearts skipped a beat when we saw the show notepad to help us organize our NSS trip! Oh-Hello-Friend photo 2 Thank you to all the wonderful vendors who sent us some truly awesome mail over the past few weeks. For those we've known for a while, we can't wait to catch up and see your new releases - and for the new faces in the crowd, we're delighted that we'll be meeting you soon! If you love paper as much as we do at RPS, follow along with the NSS fun by following us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where we'll be sharing photos and asking opinions on new trends and soliciting advice on what we should add to the inventory at Rock Paper Scissors. (And be sure to visit the blog to see our favorites of the day!)

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  • It's That Time- National Stationery Show Preview

    It's the most WONDERFUL time of the spring! It's the National Stationery Show! A time where our favorite RPS vendors and the most talented of the talented printers, letterers and makers showcase their product lines and retailers (like us) get to ooh and ahh over the amazingness that is their months and months of hard work. In the weeks leading up to the National Stationery Show (often referred to as NSS), vendors put together the most beautiful mailers to introduce themselves or their new product offerings and provide their booth numbers or show specials. This year, the mailers were unbelievable. From pom poms and balloons, to calendars and even full US maps, we were smitten with the hard work and amazingness that came pre-show!  Just as our store manifesto says, 'the best things are meant to be shared,' so we've compiled some of our favorites to share with you! 1.) Ladyfingers Letterpress. Get out of here with this adorable hot air balloon and hand lettered booth invite. So clever AND impressive. ladyfingers3 If only an hour handlettering demo by the wonderful Ladyfingers Letterpress would make me an expert-- but we'll be there, mouths open wide in awe of such talent! ladyfingers1 ladyfingers2 Guys, it says "Stick it to Me" where you're supposed to adhere the hot air balloon. Details at their finest! Love! ladyfingers 2.) Belle & Union. Their illustrative style, adorable creativity and color palette makes us SO happy and allegedly, our favorite lil' vintage truck will be available on tea towels. We can't wait to see what Meg has in store for us! map2 map Our location was stamped to show us our trek to NY! Talk about taking customized to the next level. We can't wait to visit Booth #1856! What an adorable map and pre-show mailer concept! Great job guys!map1 3.) A favorite maker of ours (THOSE CONFETTI PUSH POPS!), Thimblepress made their NSS debut last year. This year, we received this adorable tea towel, spoon and recipe card, ready to be filled in with the ingredients for a successful NSS. We can't wait to see what Kristen has planned for her 2nd NSS, and we're so excited to reorder her beautiful goodies! teatowel2 What creative presentation! A tea towel, kitchen utensil, and recipe card! Love the letterpressed hot pink and love the hand lettering! SO lovely. teatowel4 teatowel3 4.) Fancing Seeing You Here combined two of our favorite things-- beer & letterpress. This koozie is adorable and the die cut, letterpress printed beer bottle (Paper Lover's Pale Ale, no less) makes our hearts skip a beat! We can't wait to stop by Booth #2157 to see more! beerbottle2   beerbottle 5.) Emily McDowell. Oh Emily McDowell. Her style, her humor, and this fold out calendar have our hearts! photo 3 The front of the calendar is shown above. The inside of the perfectly detailed, spot-on  fold-out calendar "The Life and Times of a Shop Owner" is shown below. brochure-12x18-halffold-then half-inside   We LOVED getting mail from so many vendors all over the country (and a few international!). We can't wait to see the years and months of hard work come to fruition at the Javitz Center this weekend/next week. If you love paper as much as we do and are excited to see the fun finds and trends we'll be adding to the RPS inventory, follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also, make sure you check back in on the blog, as we'll be updating our favorites and trends every day!

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