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  • Rock Paper Taylor

    It's time again to meet another fantastic Rock Paper Scissors team member - Taylor! 1) Where are you from? Goodrich, MI 2) Why did you want to work at Rock Paper Scissors and why do you love working here? I wanted...

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  • Siena

    MEET SIENA Siena is your average West Coast transplant who somehow found herself in the middle of seasonal weather and Big 10 football. She stumbled upon Rock Paper Scissors on one of the aforementioned “cold” days (it was October) only...

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  • Brenna

    MEET BRENNA I am the least graceful person you have ever met—both physically and in conversation—but that doesn’t stop me from talking or walking! (Although the concussions have slowed me down a bit.) I grew up in Ann Arbor and...

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  • Mary

    MEET MARY   Unanimously voted (by herself) as Most Likely To Make It Weird, Mary is most often seen behind the counter or obsessing over the well-being of the bathtub-bound Bla-Bla critters (THEY CAN'T SWIM, GUYS!). With a Creative Writing...

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