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  • RPS Obsessions: Adorable Animal Banks for Kids

    Looking for a cute new addition to your child's room? How about one that's both adorable and functional? Say no more - check out the sweet animal savings banks (like a piggy bank, but not a pig!) now lining the shelves at Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor! Adorable Animal Piggy Banks Alligator Giraffe Whale and Bird Whether you prefer a blue whale, a green alligator, or a yellow giraffe or bird, make sure you stop by RPS on Main Street or give us  ring - these great gifts for little ones aren't gonna last long!

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  • Oliver Jeffer's -Making Kids Books Fun for Adults*

    As the mother of a 3 year old that is constantly saying "Mama, read me story," I've found searching for a great story book to be a challenge. For the first couple years, rhymes were adorable, pictures were fun and truthfully, the shorter the story, the better. These days, the shorter the book, the more times I'll have to read it...in a row. I was close to succumbing to a life filled with horrible stories and even worse illustrations, until we discovered the amazing Oliver Jeffers. An illustrator, artist, and writer hailing from Australia and Ireland, Oliver Jeffers is the mastermind behind the soon-to-be classics such as  The Incredible Book Eating Boy, The Day the Crayons Quit, This Moose Belongs to Me, Stuck, and The Huey's New Sweater, to name a few. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful, but the stories, ah the stories are why we keep these books close to our hearts and a part of the RPS family! My favorite Oliver Jeffers illustrated book is The Day the Crayons Quit.  In this book, poor Duncan just wants to color. When he opens his box of crayons, he finds only letters left behind, and they all say the same thing: his crayons have had enough! They quit! Beige Crayon is tired of coming in second to Brown Crayon. Black Crayon wants to be used for more than just outlining. Blue needs a break from coloring all those bodies of water. Orange and Yellow are no longer speaking to one another, as each believes he is the true color of the sun. Peach Crayon (oh that poor Peach Crayon), is sick of it's wrapper being peeled off and feels naked. Duncan must get all the crayons to quit bitching and get back to doing what they do best-- coloring.  Don't blame me if you find yourself chatting with your kids' crayons, I can't confirm or deny if that's a side effect. But either way, do yourself a solid, grab The Day the Crayons Quit and then check out some other favorites from the list below. You won't regret it! RPS-OliverJeffers 1.) The Way Back Home. 2.) This Moose Belongs to Me 3.) The Incredible Book Eating Boy  4.) The Heart and the Bottle 5.) The Day the Crayons Quit 6.) Lost & Found 7.) The Hueys in the New Sweater * We use the term "adults" loosely here at RPS.

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  • RPS Gift Guide: Terrifyingly Adorable Gifts for Parents to Be

    So, it happened. My friends started having babies. While I’ll admit that kids can be super cute, I’m still not ready to be near small children for a prolonged period of time, let alone to have any of my own. I didn’t have any siblings, so please believe me when I say that I was terrified to even hold a baby until my cousin’s daughter was born last year. It’s pretty clear in the picture of us together that I’m convinced I’m going to drop her. They just look so easy to break is all! It’s SCARY!! But nonetheless, my friends are having babies. So, seeing as I have ZERO advice for them, I’ve decided I’ll go the route of terrifying them (in a humorous sort of way) instead. Charming, right? RPS-BabyBoard 1.       AHHHHHHHH! You’re Having a Baby!  My sentiments exactly. I view the “AHHHHHHHHH!” message of this Emily McDowell card as a terrifying “run away now!” message - similar to when you’re facing zombies, monsters, or the collective shriek of the populace if Starbucks were to stop carrying Pumpkin Spice Lattes. For those of you with a kinder mindset, the card doubles nicely as a congratulations note with an “OMG I’m so excited for you!” feel. 2.       Sugar and Milk Stationery Set- This stationery set by Mr. Boddington’s Studio includes three designs, my favorite being “We Are So Tired Thankful” – you know, just to remind your friends or family how little sleep they’re gonna get in the near future. Two additional designs read “Greetings from my Crib” (a bright, aquamarine) and “From the New Mama and Papa” in a warm orange. This sweet set includes four cards of each design for a total of 12 cards + envelopes. Get yours here. 3.       Go the F**k to Sleep- A warning: while written in children’s book style, this gift if definitely adults only. It has bad words in it - on every page. If you’re cool with that, DEFINITELY consider this profane, affectionate and honest bedtime book for parents that has become one of our top selling items at RPS. Yet another reminder that babies = no sleep, ‘til… adolescence? Written by Adam Mansbach, illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, and approved with a big thumbs up from us here at RPS. 4.       Panic Button Pacifier- Enough said. Guard this peace-keeping device from Chill, Baby with your life – your eardrums will depend on it. 5.       100 Reasons to Panic About Having A Baby- While I’m not sure that “100 Reasons to Panic” covers all the reasons to be terrified, the list does sound pretty comprehensive. It also provides reassurance that everything is “probably, maybe, definitely” going to be okay. My kind of book. 6.       Parenting Flashcards-  Okay, so after you’ve terrorized the new parents to be, quell their fears with Knock Knock’s Parenting Flashcards. The set’s 50 cards (and fold out game insert) will have your loved ones speaking fluent Parent in no time.

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  • Stay Warm, Kiddos

    If you're near Michigan it's cold. Extremely cold. Polar vortex cold. But this cold is no reason to not have your kiddos warm AND cute. One of our favorite custom lines offers just that. And, guys, check out the colors and MONOGRAMS! From newborn hats, toddler hats with ear flaps, matching scarves, mittens and sweaters to stroller blankets, these custom knits are our go to baby shower, birthday and winter gift! The turn around outside of the holiday season is 3 weeks and the items range in price from $40-$140.   MJK_Knits_Layout   Give us a call in Ann Arbor with any questions-- 734-531-6264! We'd love to help get your cutie in a rugby striped initial sweater or chevron initial hat!

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  • RPS Designer Profile- Ladyfingers Letterpress

    We love Ladyfingers Letterpress more than coffee, Ryan Gosling, whiskey sours, cheeseboards, Saturday Night Live sketches featuring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey together, snow and 80's music. If you know us, you understand what a bold statement that is. A unique company like Ladyfingers Letterpress deserves a bold confession of adoration. Their use of neon, humor, nontraditional invitation styles, adorable illustrations and super unique style of hand lettering has us head over heels, and truth be told, there's no looking back. [caption id="attachment_509" align="alignnone" width="900"]ladyfingers_layout All photography courtesy of ladyfingersletterpress.com[/caption] We love Arley-Rose and Morgan (and their amazing team), so much, we literally jumped for joy (I acutally did the running man) when they agreed to do our store Christmas card. Nothing they do is run-of-the-mill, so take a closer look at the amazingness that is Ladyfingers Letterpress and prepare to be wowed. Don't say we didn't warn you... How’d you name your brand/company? When we first started dreaming of starting our own business, we wanted to have a printshop and bakery because Morgan loves to bake. We are both ladies so Ladyfingers seemed perfect. What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on? It’s a tie between the holiday card we made for Rock Paper Scissors (the foil stamping! Cheeseland!) and Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper’s planisphere! We love projects that call for lots of invention and creativity and the clients who appreciate them. If you had to tattoo one word on your body, what word would you choose? Meatball, because it is the name of our beloved cat, in addition to Arley’s signature dish. Arley got both of her tattoos blindfolded. She had no idea what her friend the tattoo artist would create (but neither is a meatball)! What’s your signature cocktail? Coors Light in a Koozie or Maker’s Manhattans. Stripes or polka dots? Stripadots. What song is on repeat on your iTunes right now? Arley loves Bjork. We had a big production party the night before we left for the Martha Stewart Weddings party where we listened to a lot of Katy Perry to keep us pumped up. Robyn. If you had to describe your work/style in three words, what would those words be? Hand-lettered, letterpressed, collaborative. If you could have a weird Freaky Friday experience for a day, which designer would you want to switch bodies with and why? We’re a wife-and-wife team, so sometimes we borrow each others’ clothes. Does that count? What advice would you give to 20 year old you? We tell ourselves all the time to relax and enjoy living in the moment. If we challenged you to a game of rock, paper, scissors, which would you choose? Why? Paper of course! A big thanks to the team at Ladyfingers Letterpress for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope to share a coors light in a coozie or a Maker's Manhattan (or both) with you guys SOON! Friends, swing back by the blog TOMORROW, to check out the amazing holiday card Ladyfingers designed for us! Quick suggestion... don't wear socks. They'll be knocked off!

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  • RPS Gift Guide-Kids Stocking Stuffers

    If you're like us, most of your BIG gifts have been purchased. They're hiding in totally ridiculous places, covered with Little Mermaid sleeping bags and dirty clothes, waiting to be wrapped. Instead of wrapping (put that off a few more days), it's time to tackle my favorite part of holiday shopping:  the stocking stuffers!  From whoopie cushions to Tattly tattoos, at Rock Paper Scissors we have what you need to stuff that kiddo's (or that adult's) stocking to the max. Check out some of our favorite stocking stuffers this holiday! SS-1_Layout_with_numbers   1) Yummy Yummy Scented Markers - start the stocking stuffing out right with great smells and bright colors. PLUS they're washable! 2) Color Appeel Crayons. I'm hoping Santa tosses a set of these into my stocking. These crayons are hard to break, super bright and they're fun to peel (get it? Color Appeel?!). 3) Eeboo Go Fish Cards is not your average game of Go Fish. These die cut cards take the favorite childhood game to the next level. 4) Animal Crayons have been a best seller this holiday season! The plastic crayons color smooth and leave your kids' hands clean! 5) The Day the Crayons Quit is one of our FAVORITE books. Check out the peach crayon. He's naked, thanks to you tearing off his wrapper. 6) The Jar of Beads is a great stuffer for a kiddo enamored with your jewelry. This kit comes with ribbon and beads to make your own lovely accessories - DIY awesomeness for kids! 7) Ridley's Classic Harmonica. Is an explanation really necessary? 8) Big Books of Coloring. We can't get enough of the activity books from Melissa & Doug. These coloring books are never ending, creating plenty o' quiet time for mom and dad. 9) Hopscotch Kids Thank You Notes are a fun way to teach your kids to say "Thank You." Let them color in the picture and you can help them write their thanks! SS-2_Layout_with_numbers   1) Animal Hands temporary tattoo kits create a puppet show on the go. Perfect for that kid with a WILD imagination. 2) DIY Friendship bracelet kit. This would look great in my stocking (hint, hint) or I suppose anyone's stocking for that matter, cause who doesn't want to learn to make awesome bracelets for your friends? Hey Ken, get me this. I want to make friendship bracelets :) 3) Blabla Kids Finger Puppets. We're partial to Berlioz the Bear and his blue striped sweater, but all of our full size Bla Bla dolls have an adorable, knit finger puppet version! 4) Colored Dot Rubber Ducks are a great stocking stuffer, especially that bright blue to match Berlioz's sweater. 5) Mustachifier pacifiers for that lil' gentleman celebrating his first Christmas! 6) Mustache Bandaids make any ouch stylish, or at the very least dapper. 7) Ridley's Box of Classic Jokes and 8) Whoopie Cushions are perfect for your jokester kiddo or husband. Or both. 9) Make-a-Mask Kits come in Superhero, Princess, Butterfly, Farm Animal, & Jungle Animal. 10) Macaroon Lip Gloss adds some color to your stocking and your lips! Try the mint green-- it's peppermint - perfect for the holiday season! 11) Babylit  board books can help you introduce the classics at a young age. Collect them all, from Sense and Sensibility to Romeo & Juliet and A Christmas Carol.   You can find our fun stocking stuffers in our Ann Arbor, Detroit and Tecumseh locations, along with many other items that could fill any of those stockings still on your list! Just a reminder- we're open in: Ann Arbor- Wednesday 11-8,  Thursday-Saturday 10-10, Sunday and Monday 11-8 , we'll be open Christmas Eve 10-4 and closed on Christmas. Detroit- Wednesday & Thursday- 11-8, Friday 11-9, Saturday 11-8, Sunday 11-5, Monday 11-6 and closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Tecumseh- Wednesday-Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-4, Monday 11-5, we'll be open Christmas Eve 11-3 and closed on Christmas.  

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