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  • If You're Going to San Francisco

    If you're going to San Francisco...be sure to bring the Herb Lester illustrated map of SF along for the ride! First, let me introduce myself: Hi! I’m Jess! After an amazing stint at Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor, I packed my bags to explore the sights and sounds of San Francisco. While I loved the West Coast, I couldn’t leave my beloved RPS behind, and instead became the self-proclaimed “California Correspondent” for the RPS blog. Since then, I’ve spent the summer back in Michigan visiting friends and family (and my favorite gift and stationery store in all of the land). After spending a year in SF, I was stoked to find the illustrated map from Herb Lester at Rock Paper Scissors. Its title, “Distinctively San Francisco: A Guide to the Usual & Unusual” sounds just about right for the quirky, dreamy city by the Bay. Below is just a sampling of some favorite places that are highlighted in this awesome, one of a kind map – which is chock full of helpful tips and info on must see bars, restaurants, neighborhoods, and sights. Like the back cover or the map says, “unexpected things happen in San Francisco, here’s where to start finding them.” Favorite Spots from Herb Lester's San Francisco Guide - Rock Paper Scissors Blog Sights above, included in Distinctively San Francisco (from left to right, top row then bottom): The Cliff House, Heath Ceramics, Coit Tower, Chinatown, the Ferry Building, Conservancy of Flowers in Golden Gate Park, Specs' 12 Adler Museum Cafe, view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Chrissy Field. distinctively san francisco Other things to note: Hella – people say it all the time. You’ve gotta expect it, but it’s your choice as to whether or not you embrace it. The word basically means “really.” For example, as a native Midwesterner, I might say “the weather was gorgeous today, hardly any fog!” Cali translation: “The weather was hella sick today!” Karl the Fog – San Franciscans have a love / hate relationship with Karl the Fog, the name given to the waves of cold fog that roll into the city, just in time to ruin your sunny day on the beach or a picnic in Golden Gate Park. He can definitely be a drag, but he has such witty social media accounts that you can't help but laugh. Light Jackets – If you visit San Francisco and you don’t pack a light jacket (and bring it with you everywhere) you’re gonna have a problem. Blame Karl.   Photos: Cliff House, Heath Ceramics, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Ferry Building, Conservatory of Flowers / Golden Gate Park, Specs', Chrissy Field / Golden Gate Bridge.  

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  • The Team Tries Calligraphy

    The Team Tries Calligraphy [caption id="attachment_446" align="alignnone" width="900"]Calligraphy_Script_R R is for Rock Paper Scissors[/caption] Whether it’s envelopes for wedding invitations or other special projects, Team Rock Paper Scissors routinely swoons over the gorgeous calligraphy that comes in and out of the store. No longer content to just admire the handscripted loveliness, we decided to learn some tricks of the trade from some majorly talented artists. The time had come to try our hand(s) at calligraphy. DUM DUM DUM. Lisa and Tori took the plunge first, with Michigan talent (and nationwide phenomenon) Molly Jacques. Perhaps you’ve seen Molly’s work for Martha Stewart Weddings, Anthology, Sugar Paper LAMacaroni Grill,  and Rachael Ray magazine – although our personal favorite is the signage that’s sittin’ pretty at our Main Street location in Ann Arbor. The workshop at Pot & Box was a total hit, and you can read about Lisa’s experience here. [caption id="attachment_445" align="alignnone" width="900"]calligraphy_alphabet Practice makes perfect-- practicing the alphabet at Molly Jacques workshop![/caption] Inspired by their experience and unwilling to let the Michiganders have all the fun, my first order of business upon arriving in San Francisco was to sign up for a class. (Seriously though. I simultaneously was researching calligraphy classes while hunting for a place to live. #Priorities?) I found just what I was looking for in Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls’ two session workshop at Makeshift Society, an awesome co-working spot in adorable Hayes Valley. [caption id="attachment_447" align="alignnone" width="900"]Table_top_calligraphy Materials and goodies from Maybelle’s “Calligraphy in the 21st Century” class.[/caption] My main takeaways from the class (besides “calligraphy is hard” and “I do not have a natural talent for this whatsoever”) was that practice makes perfect, and to not be defeated if my work starting out, well, sucks. Maybelle (who, by the way, was super modest about her mad calligraphy skills) began her class by showing us a binder that contained samples of her work. While the contents were both beautiful and impressive, what struck with me most was the binder cover – a piece of paper with her first attempts at calligraphy – which looked nothing like her amazing work today. In the weeks since the class, it’s been nice to remember that if I practice I will (hopefully?!?!) improve, and that great things can come from humble beginnings. [caption id="attachment_448" align="alignnone" width="900"]Workshop_group_shot 21 students hard at work during Maybelle’s “Calligraphy in the 21st Century” class. (Photo courtesy of Maybelle  Imasa-Stukuls)[/caption] Have questions for us about our experiences, or have a favorite calligraphy story to share? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section. ___________________________________________________________ Interested in learning more about calligraphy? Well, have we got some goods and inspiration for you! Mastering the Art of Calligraphy is the definitive new guide for serious calligraphers and budding enthusiasts! 700+ photos, instructions, artist profiles and an awesome resource section. Need materials? Look no further than The Calligraphy Starter Kit! Ink, wooden dip pen, nib, lettering chart and tricks and tips, all tied up in an adorable muslin bag. Swoon. Molly Jacques shares lettering and calligraphy skillz that just won’t quit via her blog and Instagram posts. Check out Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls' killer calligraphy on her blog and Instagram. For more inspiration, check out the RPS Pinterest board “Handwritten & Letter Love.” Yeah. We’re kinda obsessed.    

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