By Bench Bookkeeping

Rock Paper Taylor

It's time again to meet another fantastic Rock Paper Scissors team member - Taylor! 13482934_1225460187464608_6107666105432258502_o

1) Where are you from? Goodrich, MI

2) Why did you want to work at Rock Paper Scissors and why do you love working here? I wanted to work at RPS because I loved the store's unique style. I love when I walk into a place and can instantly find the perfect gifts - stationery, MI pencils, perfume, cocktail mixer - for my friends and family. I have so much pride being a part of the RPS team because I'm always hearing from people in Ann Arbor that RPS is their go to shop! Plus, I get a kick out of helping people find their perfect gift or home accessory. 3) What’s your favorite card in the store and why?  "Hold me closer tiny donuts" is my favorite card. I'm a fan of Elton John as well as donuts in any variety so this card is a win-win for me.


4) What’s your favorite gift in the store and why? My favorite gift in the store is the Rifle Paper Company stationery. Stationery is a perfect gift for any number of occasions - new job, new home, just married, starting school - you name it! Plus, RPC always has really beautiful unique prints and quality paper.

5) Besides RPS what’s your favorite local Ann Arbor business and why? After RPS, my favorite store in A2 is Literati hands down. Even with computers/phones being so accessible, there's just something really satisfying about turning a page of a book. I could spend hours digging around in their shelves. Come to think of it, I'm sure I have...

6) Is there anything ridiculous you want the people of Ann Arbor to know? I don't know how ridiculous this is, but I'm training for the Detroit marathon this October. It'll be my first marathon and I can't wait!   In addition to being an Elton John fan and running A LOT, Taylor also happens to be a master builder. Check back later this week to find out what architectural masterpiece Taylor has built at RPS.