By Lisa Roberts

Meet Tegu

Take a walk down Main Street and you'll notice one shop window that's a little different than the rest. It contains a tall, colorful, architectural structure that looks impressive yet fragile. It looks like the tower you always wanted to build as a kid, except your sibling came and knocked it over before you were done. Yep, we've described one of the windows at Rock Paper Scissors. And good news - that structure isn't as fragile as it looks since it's made with one of our favorite new toys, Tegu magnetic blocks. Our talented team member, Taylor, had a lot of fun making our Tegu tower!

14-Piece Set - Tints

Why do we love Tegu?   14-Piece Set - TintsTegu blocks are handcrafted from solid wood, come in stylish, soft colors, and are fun for all ages. Seriously, we love building with them and the children in our lives do too. Tegu blocks have magnets hidden inside which means you can explore new shapes and build in all different directions.  Tegu believes that "playing is learning" and their magnetic blocks are designed to foster fine motor skills, balance, scale, pattern recognition, imaginative play, problem solving, and story telling. 24-Piece Set - TintsTegu strives to be more than just a toy company, they also stive to make a positive social impact. Tegu's production takes place in Honduras and provides stable, living-wage jobs in one of the poorest nations in the western hemisphere. Tegu also harvests wood responsibly by working with local cooperatives in Honduras. DaredevilCome into RPS and explore our collection of Tegu - we know you'll love playing with them as much as we do!