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Welcoming Our New Addition & Saying Thanks with Haute Papier!

Last Friday,  we welcomed our new little girl Mackenzie Ann to our family at 3:49 in the morning. As I sit here and type, I'm already feeling nostalgic about the first week of her life. I mean how could she be a week old already? Next thing you know I'll be explaining to her that that there was actually a life without Netflix and that I went through my entire high school career without a cell phone, as I send her off to college, probably in a car that drives itself.
Regardless of the whirlwind of a week, one thing holds true— having great friends, family, and coworkers make the craziness and shock of having a newborn so much easier! From that giant pot pie (the best pot pie I have EVER eaten),  the coffee, sweets and donuts and packs of diapers to the texts, phone calls, emails and handwritten notes— thanks to everyone for their support!
At both Rock Paper Scissors and Bed & Butter we believe in "saying thank you" and making sure gratitude is known and felt— both vocally and with a handwritten note.  For me, this meant that as soon as we picked a baby name, it was time to pick stationery.  Some people get pumped about picking a baby bag or stroller, but not me - stationery and envelope liners get my heart racing.
Because we picked a name a few months ago, it allotted enough time to get beautiful letterpress stationery from Haute Papier.  Helping a client a few weeks ago with the ordering of a Grande Stationery Box, I knew this was the way to go. This amazing stationery box (a silk box of your choice, to be exact) is jam packed with 4 sets of 25* letterpress notecards of your own customization.
Custom Letterpress Stationery and Envelope Liners from Haute Papier
You can pick colors, fonts, monograms, envelope liners, and return address options. We picked 4 different sets of 25— a formal note for Mackenzie, a casual note for Mackenzie, one for both the girls that says Mattison & Mackenzie, and one for our family. Mackenzie turns 1 week old today and our thank you notes have already hit the mail— it's a great feeling!
Silk Grand Stationery Box and Custom Letterpress
The box arrived beautifully wrapped in a hot pink satin ribbon, totally gift ready, about 10-14 business days after we approved the proofs! The Haute Papier Grande Box is available for customization at both Bed & Butter and Rock Paper Scissors.
*Does 100 notes seem like too much? There are smaller increments and gift boxes available! Stop in to learn more! *