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RPS Gift Guide- Smitten with the Mitten

Michigan is the best state in the United States. Boom. There, I said it.  Here in Michigan, we’re smitten with so many parts of our state – don’t call us Tim Allen just yet, but we are all about Pure Michigan, and we have the gifts to prove it. From pint glasses to pencils, and t-shirts to handmade quilts, give your favorite Michigander the gift of Pure Michigan pride this holiday. michigan_layout 1) We love these Michigan pint glasses– they come in navy, forest green, gold, yellow and red. Check them out here. (Be sure to notate your color selection in the notes when ordering!) 2) Our collection of Michigan pencils can be found on our Etsy site and are a PERFECT stocking stuffer. Check them out here. 3) This RPS EXCLUSIVE print was a collaboration with designer extraordinaire Meg Sutton, from Belle & Union Co. You can find it on our Etsy shop in print, postcard and card form! This 11 x 14 print, printed locally in Michigan, can be found here. 3) This handmade quilt showcases not just our favorite mitten state, but the entire Great Lakes as well. Find this bad boy here! 4) Our custom made Ann Arbor box sign can be found only at RPS! Since its inception, we’ve shipped it around the country and world to places like California, Australia and even Chile. Find your own here. 5)  Know someone with tons of Michigan pride? Help them wear it around their neck with this amazing necklace, handmade in the USA necklace! Call us or email for more details or to order! 6) Our Lions, Tigers & Lakes t-shirt and Hell Yeah t-shirts (Made in MICHIGAN) are constantly in a battle for best-selling shirt. You can find them by size, here and here. 7) These vintage glasses and hand embroidered pillow are a perfect holiday gift. Both are available in ‘Great Lakes’ as well! 8) From the brother and sister duo behind an amazing Detroit store, City Bird, Emily & Andy have created a guide to exploring Detroit, “Belle Isle to 8 Mile: An Insiders Guide to Detroit.” This guide is perfect for that Michigander on your list dying to learn more about Detroit!