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  • Celebrating Everything-- Happy Repeal Day!

    On January 16th, 1919, Congress passed the Eighteenth Amendment, outlawing alcohol and kicking off Prohibition. The criminalization of alcohol led not only to a rise in civil delinquency and organized crime, but also to the loss of customs associated with the production, preparation, and consumption of alcohol, not to mention the death of happy hour. On December 5th, 1933, Utah, the final state needed for a three quarters majority, ratified the 21st Amendment, repealing Prohibition and restoring the American right to a celebratory drink. While the amendment still allowed for state and local levels of Prohibition, by 1966 there were no state laws banning alcohol. We celebrate repeal day for a few reasons. Clearly, you know us, we'll embrace any reason to celebrate everything, and especially if that reason is to celebrate our rights to celebrate everything with COCKTAILS! As articulated on their website, repealday.com, "we celebrate Repeal Day® because December 5th marks a return to the rich traditions of craft fermentation and distillation, the legitimacy of the American bartender as a contributor to the culinary arts, and the responsible enjoyment of alcohol as a sacred social custom". Well said, guys. Cheers. Besides visiting your favorite local watering hole, recognizing your favorite bartender and imbibing your favorite cocktail, here are some of the ways we'll be celebrating with some of our favorite boozy gifts! RPS-Whiskeybook Take a second and educate yourself on whiskey while admiring the amazing lettering of the super talented Mary Kate McDevitt.  Learn how to "drink whiskey naked," get some background on the American distilleries that survived Prohibition (Buffalo Trace and Four Roses), and understand the difference between Scottish, Irish, Canadian, American and even Japanese (yes, Japanese!) whiskey! After completing this book, you'll be that know-it-all at the dinner table, but don't worry, your friends will forgive you. You'll have the skills and the recipe to make one helluva 'Old Fashioned' or 'Nail in the Coffin.' RPS-Stones Whiskey is served best strong and not watered down. With whiskey stones, chill your whiskey (or wine, or rum and coke, or hell, your beer) without diluting it. RPS-Rate After you've taken your proverbial journey into Whiskey Town, sit down and try your hand at tasting. Use these amazing letterpress coasters as your whiskey tasting tour guide! A perfect add-on to your favorite bottle of whiskey! SetEditions These old fashioned glasses are titled "Good Grief" for a reason as they take you down the 5 stages of grief from acceptance to denial and suggest a pour size at each stop. Choose your booze and drown your sorrows with this set of 2 glasses!


     We like to celebrate with friends, and these wine charms make it easy to mark your glass and stop your wine bottle (as if you'll have any left!). We call dibs on the cat eyes! If you can't raise a glass with us tonight, we hope you'll embrace tradition, and join us on December 5th's to come to celebrate Repeal Day. Cheers!
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  • Trends We Love: Holiday Plaid

    Here at Rock Paper Scissors, we like to think we’re a pretty festive bunch. Whether it’s birthdays, tailgates, weddings or baby showers, we enjoy taking any (and every) opportunity to deck the halls and do a little celebrating. It should come as no surprise, then, that the holiday spirit is in full swing at our Ann Arbor, Detroit and Tecumseh locations! We can’t wait for winter - checking out mountain men with beards and wool checkered shirts, hot chocolate, mountain men, reading a good book while wrapped in a favorite blanket by the fireplace, did we mention the mountain men? As winter approaches, one trend we can’t get enough of is holiday plaid! Whether you prefer gingham, classic tartan, or the big ol’ checks of buffalo plaid, RPS has got you covered with awesome plaid-inspired holiday gifts and goodies. 1. Letterpress Lumberjacks This card from Dude and Chick screams mountain men and winter wonderland. Plaid hats, big beards and the message “You are rugged and manly” all printed by antique letterpress – could this card get any better? Rugged_manly 2.)  Plaid Gift Tags & Wrap One thing’s for sure – Rifle Paper Company’s holiday plaid is on point. The set of 10 gift tags with very merry red, green, tan and bakers twine ties are perfect to dress up any gift, from simple kraft paper to fancy sheet wrap. And speaking of packaging, their plaid wrap ain’t half bad either. wrap_and_tags 3.)  Foil Stamped Hello Boxed Card Set RPS is thrilled to be carrying products by Ferme à Papier (French for ‘farm to paper’), a line from Cat Seto (a graduate of University of Michigan, no less!). We love a line with an Ann Arbor connection and adore the Ferme à Papier products now lining the shelves at RPS, including this set of plaid notecards with a gold foil stamped “hello.” hello 4.)  Scottish Terrier Card Even little scottie dogs love the holiday plaid, especially this illustrated guy from Rifle Paper Co. with his awesome tartan sweater. terrier_card   5.)  Hearth Candle How to describe the glorious scent of Linnea’s Lights “Hearth” candle…basically, it’s what you should smell when spending a blustery winter evening on the couch by the fire in your favorite flannel shirt, wrapped in a perfect plaid blanket. Sounds dreamy, right? This candle delivers all that and more. The packaging may not be plaid patterned, but the sentiments are definitely there. hearth_candle   6.)  Plaid Wallpaper At this point, it’s pretty obvious that we’re obsessed with plaid – so why wouldn’t the pattern make an appearance on the walls of RPS? We think it adds that extra something special to the walls of the Ann Arbor location – a perfect compliment to the chalk lettering by Molly Jacques and those light fixtures that, I must confess, I’ve been obsessed with since my first day on the job. wallpaper All the products above (save for the wallpaper) are available at Rock Paper Scissors in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Tecumseh - at publishing time, the “Rugged and Manly” cards from Dude and Chick are on order and should arrive any day!

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  • Turkey & Latkes! Hanukkah & Thanksgiving!

    Are you Hanukkah & Thanksgiving ready? Well you'll need to be this year as they both fall on the same day! After looking into this closer, this convergence of holidays happens incredibly rarely, creating a once in a many lifetime event on Thursday. So, how the hell does this happen? We did just a lil' bit o' research, thanks to google. Thanksgiving was set by law in 1942 to be the fourth Thursday of November. It can fall as early as it did last year, Nov. 22, or as late as it is this year, Nov. 28. Hanukkah always starts at sundown on the 25th day of the Jewish month of Kislev. But when is that? The Jewish calendar is lunar, with months generally lined up with the 29-day cycle between new moons. A lunar 12-month year is almost two weeks shorter than the 365-day solar year. But some Jewish holidays must happen in particular seasons: Passover, for instance, must be in the spring. So Jewish sages devised a 19-year cycle to periodically throw the calendar back into seasonal alignment by adding an entire extra month in the third, sixth, eighth, 11th, 14th, 17th and 19th years. Other adjustments mean the Jewish year can be 353, 354, 355, 383, 384 or 385 days long. All of which means the 25th of Kislev can wander by about four weeks on the solar calendar, from late November to late December. This year matches a very early Hanukkah with the latest possible Thanksgiving. It's a perfect storm! Latkes AND mashed potatoes. Brisket AND turkey! Rededication of faith AND giving thanks. Depending on whose calculations you read, the next times there would be any overlap in the holidays would be in 2165 — and maybe not again for thousands of years. So as you're planning your Thanksgiving this year, throw on your favorite Adam Sandler version of Hanukkah Song (I prefer live on SNL), grab some fun hanukkah gifts (we've got some great wrap below) and  throw one of these fun Hanukkah cards in the mail.  Better be ready to start your celebration November 28th, after you've devoured your turkey and latkes, ofcourse! [caption id="attachment_375" align="alignnone" width="754"]Hanukkah_Layout 1) Hanukkah Gift Wrap 2) Happy Hanukkah Rifle Paper Card
    3) Seltzer Hanukkah Card 4) Rifle Paper Menorah Card 5) Elum Punch out Menorah Hanukkah Card[/caption]  

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  • RPS Behind the Scenes- Detroit

    So, we popped up in Detroit this holiday. I'm sure you've seen our excitement on twitter, facebook, instagram, our blog, my facebook, a smoke signal, the billboard we put up on I-94 (ok, we didn't put up a billboard, but it's definitely going on my bucket list), or if you had a pulse and were standing next to me on a street corner. You know, all of the normal communication venues. When we decided to do The Pop Up,  it was really important to share the elements that make the RPS brand unique with Detroit and also maintain some consistency across all locations. Our favorite things like the logo, chalkboard hand-lettering,  and our message of "Saving the Handwritten Note" and "Celebrate Everything", were on our must have list for branding in Detroit, as they are elements shared in both Tecumseh & Ann Arbor. After much collaboration in Ann Arbor with Molly Jacques when we opened in 2012, we came up with a general feel of the signage. In Detroit, our teammate Kristen Drozdowksiput her own spin and personality on the lettering and it turned out beautifully. We decided to focus on our social media & introducing ourselves to Detroit and we're beyond amazed at what Kristen came up with! [caption id="attachment_330" align="aligncenter" width="638"]detroit_window The lettered Detroit, Ann Arbor & Tecumseh Kristen created for window signage and our Detroit Logo![/caption] [caption id="attachment_337" align="aligncenter" width="2016"]Processed with VSCOcam What's up Detroit signage by Kristen![/caption]   [caption id="attachment_336" align="alignnone" width="792"]social_wall We're loving this "Let's Be Friends" wall! We've left a bucket of chalk and are acquiring everyone's social handles! It's so much fun![/caption] [caption id="attachment_362" align="alignnone" width="520"]kristen_drawing Love capturing "the process" of Kristen. Atleast 6 people think we're funny on twitter!!![/caption]   [caption id="attachment_334" align="alignnone" width="2138"]Processed with VSCOcam with x2 preset Our favorite part of Rock Paper Scissors. The backdrop for all of our stores! We love Kristen's spin on Molly Jacques design![/caption]

    We're so excited about how all of the Detroit branding turned out. From the "Let's Be Friends" wall to the "What's Up Detroit" signage, and down to our logo, we're so pumped at the amazing job that Kristen did! Check out more of her work here or follow her on instagram here .

    Stop into Ann Arbor & Tecumseh to see Molly Jacques signage, Detroit to see Kristen's signage and stop into Ann Arbor, Detroit & Tecumseh to say hi & check out our fun holiday wares!

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  • Thanksgiving RPS Style

    We're putting our RPS spin on Thanksgiving this year. From DIY paper costumes, to candles to put you in the fall & winter mood, check out some of our favorite hostess gifts & ways to spruce up your Thanksgiving holiday, available at Rock Paper Scissors! thanksgiving_product_layout   1) The good ol' Corkcicle keeps your wine chilled without diluting your drinks.  If you love white wine, but hate the ordeal of keeping it iced, this is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving. Comes in a Chillsner version (get it? Chillsner? Pilsner?) if you're a beer aficionado. 2) Think your Thanksgiving feast is complete without costumes? Think again. Get in the spirit of the season with this DIY hat kit.  I call dibs on the mens pilgrim hat! 3) Take a moment to share what you're most thankful for with these adorable cards.  Use as place cards or keepsakes and get your family & friends to get their thoughts down on paper!  If you're looking for a real bucket of laughs, write down what you think the person sitting to your right is thankful for and read them aloud! 4) Bingo. I am thankful for a family that drinks! A perfect sentiment for a cup of your favorite go-to Thanksgiving cocktail.  We love these cups in frostflex (shatterproof plastic) and in styrofoam - perfect for a cup of piping hot mulled hard pear cider or my favorite fall cocktail: an Apple Jack (apple cider & Jack Daniels). 5) Find some amazing fall blooms? Throw them in this adorable persimmon ceramic mason jar for the perfect centerpiece or hostess gift! 6) With scents like "Wine Under the Tree" and "Spiked Cider," Rewined soy candles (hand poured into recycled wine bottles) are certain to add a fall/winter flavor to the Thanksgiving table. 7) These new tea towels - adorable, right?  Pair 'em with the persimmon mason jar & you've got yourself a hostess gift! 8) This  pumpkin candle holder made of metal and ceramic adds the perfect fall decorating touch for your host/hostess who loves fall as much as we do. 9) This turkey (the cutest damn turkey we've ever seen)  is a great addition to any fall tablescape. I mean, just look at the turkey... Stop in to see us this weekend at our Ann Arbor, Detroit or Tecumseh locations! We're getting decked out in the holiday spirit and would love to help you put your own spin on Thanksgiving!

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  • RPS Does Detroit: Ponyride

    A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine took me on a quick tour of a few must see places in Detroit.  Besides grabbing a cocktail at Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company (they make coffee & cocktails?! be still my heart!) and Two James (the first distillery in Detroit since prohibition), we grabbed a snack (more like dinner) at Slow's and then a nightcap at  Traffic Jam & Snug. We ducked into some shops off of the Cass Corridor (hello City Bird, Nest, Nora & Hugh!), checked out a few of the Heidelberg Project homes, the Eastern Market and the neighborhoods different non-profits like The Blight Authority are cleaning up.   I loved each stop , but I was most amazed by the tour we took a place called 'Ponyride.'  Haven't heard of it?  No worries, I hadn't either. Since leaving Ponyride, I've been amped. Quite simply, it was one of the most inspirational places I've been in a long time. So what is this "Ponyride," you ask? Well I have some answers! According to their mission statement: "Ponyride is a study to see how the foreclosure crisis can have a positive impact on our communities. Using an ‘all boats rise with the tide’ rent subsidy, we are able to provide cheap space for socially-conscious artists and entrepreneurs to work and share knowledge, resources and networks. We purchased a 30,000 square-foot warehouse for $100,000 and offer space for $0.10-$0.20 per square-foot, which includes the cost of utilities. PonyRide nurtures collaboration using shared resources, knowledge, and ideas to cultivate opportunities created by the strengths and crises of Detroit. Participants serve Detroit communities by sharing their craft and expertise." Sounds great, right? You had me at nuturing collaboration. Bottom line, Ponyride is a unique collaborative incubator/office/makerspace for artists and entrepreneurs, located in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit.  ponyride_layout On my tour, I was equally as blown away by each entrepreneur and craftsman as I was the idea of creating a collaborative environment. My heart stopped when we entered Stukenborg Press, the studio of letterpress printer Bryan Baker on the 2nd or 3rd floor (so many rooms, so much inspiration, I lost track of where I was). This video highlights not only Bryan's craft, but his passion & spirit. When he says,  "Find it, pursue it as hard as you can, and it will eventually make sense of itself," I feel like he's talking to me, 5 years ago. High five, Bryan, high five. The shared resources, knowledge and ideas that the mission of Ponyride discusses are so prevalent in the Stukenborg video, which was created by filmmaking collaborative Order & Other (another Ponyride tenant that brings stories of brands like Shinola & Cheverolet to life). They are working together to create a positive impact on the community. And guys, their videos are amazing. Sigh.  Anthology Coffee  blew me away - a coffee shop on the lower level of Ponyride (which is located at 1411 Vermont Street in Corktown, Detroit, by the way) that sources, roasts and brews some amazing coffee. Detroit Denim Company made me want to run around and touch all of the denim bags, jeans, and leather items that were in sewing machines or being finished on tables. I had to keep telling myself to look with my eyes, not my hands. Total sensory overload, and what a cool company! In addition to the brand’s staple 13 oz. selvedge “Heritage” straight-leg men’s jean—complete with hand-hammered copper rivets, copper buttons and gold contrast stitching—Detroit Denim Co. produces tote bags, leather bags, belts, aprons, and small leather accessories. The Empowerment Plan was the pinnacle for me. Right out of college, I worked at the South Bend Center for the Homeless, a center dedicated to stopping the cycle of homelessness. Veronika Scott, of the Empowerment Plan, not only provides coats for homeless populations across the country (sleeping bag coats to be precise), but she helps provide the skills and jobs to help empower women of homelessness to get back on their feet. Visit http://www.empowermentplan.org/ to learn more. RunJit Detroit- It's like Ponyride took some of my favorite things-- coffee, letterpress, denim, socially responsible entrepreneurship -- and then threw a cherry on top with DANCE. Like, yep, Lisa, this collaborative is for your head to explode with happiness. RunJit creates ground-breaking choreography, combining individual styles of dance with jitting, a unique dance style native to Detroit. Striving to expose the dance world to jitting, while staying true to their Detroit roots, RunJit uses their talents and determination to introduce individuals in the city to various styles of hip-hop dance. RunJit offers affordable dance classes at Ponyride to those who would like to learn. From coats for the homeless to dance classes, and letterpress workshops to the home of 'Beard Balm,Ponyride is one of the most unique corners in Detroit (in my humble opinion). Stop by to grab the most delicious and passion filled cup of coffee you'll find and see if you can snag a tour. It's well worth it. And while you're at it, stop in and check em out  at their Open House from 4-9 p.m. on December 8th. I'll see you there! After spending the last couple weeks in Detroit, I'm ready to take my Detroit love to the next level.  What are some MUST VISIT places in town?  When you're in the D, what do you do? Let us know in the comments!

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