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Nice to {RE} Meet You

Nice to Meet You! We're Rock Paper Scissors! What do Marcus Mumford, the cast of 90210 (the 1990’s version), Rifle Paper Company, New York Whiskey Sours, dirty diapers, calligraphy, gourmet grilled cheese, letterpress wedding invitations, Michigan tailgating, envelopes and our love for fall all have in common? Easy! They all have the potential of popping up in our NEW & REFRESHED Rock Paper Scissors Blog! “A new and refreshed Rock Paper Scissors BLOG?!”,  you exclaim! I KNOW. We can hardly control our excitement either! Through the blog, we’ll take you behind the scenes at Rock Paper Scissors and into our everyday lives where we will be posting about everything including our obsession with paper and cards, what we ate for breakfast, weddings and celebrations, last night’s episode of New Girl, design, our unsuccessful attempts to lure visiting Ryan Gosling, Zooey Deschanel and Katie Holmes to the store, travel and adventure, food & cocktails, gift giving, trends, invitations, and our love for all things Michigan and Midwest! In the upcoming weeks you’ll get to know us better and we can’t wait to meet you. Take a moment below and introduce yourself and we’ll send you an RPS EXCLUSIVE treat!