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Rock Paper RECIPE- Tailgate style!

If there is anything that I have learned since my move to Ann Arbor, it’s that you can’t say “Football Saturday” without “Tailgate.” More importantly, you can’t say tailgate without delicious snacks on snacks. But before you run out to the corner store for some chips and salsa, consider trying your hand in the kitchen. This is your chance to shine, my friends, and keep that golf course tailgate invite coming year after year. Now the question I’m sure you’re all dying to ask is, “Well what should I make?” You want something that will satisfy the grandma, the slightly-inebriated-but-trying-to-keep-it-together-in-front-of-adults college kid, the boyfriend’s cousin’s neighbor’s friend from out of town that keeps referring to the colors as “blue and yellow.” You want the bowl to be scraped clean, the moms to be asking for your recipe, and most importantly, to give people a reason to ditch the store-bought for the homemade. So without further adieu, here are some tailgate-ready recipes that will make people celebrate, no matter what the score. Mulled Hard Pear Cider I know I know, hard cider is one of the greatest things known to all those 21 and over. But let me just  say, there is something to be said for mixing it up every once in a while, and I will bet you all of the dollars that this will be a real winner. pear_cider Girdiron Punch This is a brand new take on the beer-punch bowl drink. Because come on, who doesn’t love a mid-tailgate tropical getaway? punch Cobb Salad Dip Here at Rock Paper Scissors, there is a bit of an obsession with the Cobb Salad from Jolly Pumpkin. Enter, Cobb Salad Dip (you’re welcome Lisa and Tori). cobb_dip Grilled Maple-Mustard Chicken Wings Holy mother of chicken wings. These bad boys are sure to give Mr. Wings (of Buffalo Wild Wings, of course) a run for his money. wings   Feel free to download and print these recipes and make sure you let us know what your favorite tailgate recipe is in the comments!