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Where You Might Find Lisa on a Rainy Monday

Rock Paper Scissors is my happy place. The merchandise may change, the way we display things may change, but what never changes is how thankful I am that I get to do this day in and day out.  Even so,  rainy Mondays happen,  and on days that I'm feeling uninspired,  facing a challenging situation, or just need to take a deep breath there are five place in the store that can recharge, refocus and help find inspiration. Lisa_5_things 1) The vintage RED Lockers filled with gift items from Ryan Gosling coloring books, letterpress baseball cards to 'How to Be a Gentleman' playing cards. There is no therapy like pulling all the items out of the lockers and reorganizing them. It's like starting from scratch, with a clean slate. There's so much promise and potential for what it can be!  Also, there's something romantic about the idea that these lockers, once in a high school hallway, held notebooks filled with someone's love notes. Or gossip. Most likely gossip. Also, did I mention it's where Ryan Gosling lives in the store? 2) The vintage clawfoot tub filled with BlaBla dolls, blankets & pillows. From tattooed rocker dude "Otto" to "Luigi" the Gentleman Frog, Blabla's handmade dolls make my favorite new baby gift item. Back to the tub-- the clawfeet are gold. GOLD I SAY! GOLD!  Often kids shopping with their parents will hop in the tub and hide under the dolls... adults can't hide. The dolls don't cover you up. They just don't.  Or so I've heard... 3) The vintage Detroit Jewel Company stove top & oven. Allegedly, this is a "museum quality" antique from 1925 is still in working condition. You won't find us baking on it anytime soon, but today it can be found housing my favorite kitchen gifts from Belle & Union, Fishs Eddy and Rifle Paper Company.  There's just something super cool about this stove being in the world for almost 100 years. That's just crazy. 4) We introduced you to Molly Jacques Illustration last week, but nothing makes me smile like the first version of our sign that hung in our window to let the community know we were on our way! This sign now hangs in Tecumseh behind the register, with a new version behind the register in Ann Arbor. Look at how she did "stationery". Ugh. It's so perfect. 5) The card wall. I love cards. I love finding new cards. I love mixing the selection of cards on the card wall up. I love that my husband made the card rack. I love that they look different than many other card racks. I love how blank cards help me refocus. I find that looking at the sympathy cards makes me thankful for health, friendship cards reminiscent of great college friendships and the love section, hopeful that I will do a  better job leaving notes for my hubs on his car seat, at his office or by the toothbrush (one day, honey, one day). I love that everytime I start to reorganize the cards, I'm so overwhelmed with the cards that I could send my friends and family that I leave the project mid-project to #sendmoremail. I love that the team always reminds me that I started a project, now it's time to finish it!  Ahh, I love the card section. Thanks for letting me share my 5 favorite places in RPS-Ann Arbor. Do you have a favorite area in the Ann Arbor store? Is there a display that makes you feel at home? Let us know in the comments below!