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RPS Gift Guide-Stationery

You know those people who are great gift givers? The power shoppers who have the perfect present for each and every friend or family member – before December even hits? I’m generally not one of them. But what I lack in planning and overall present prowess, I like to think I make up in stationery knowledge (and above all, awesome taste) – which is why I now present the 2013 RPS Giving Guide – Stationery Edition. Stationery makes a great gift for a number of reasons. It’s useful. You never know when you’ll need to jot a quick thank you note for an unexpected kindness or tell someone you’re thinking of them. It’s BEAUTIFUL. Whether letterpressed, foil stamped, handlettered, textured, illustrated, or all of the above, there are some stationery sets that will simply take yo’ breath away. It’s customizable. In many cases, designers offer custom stationery with choices of patterns, colors and other design components, as well as the addition of the owner’s name or initials. Don’t have lead time to customize? Luckily there’s a vast universe of stationery styles, so you’re bound to find a design that’s a perfect fit for every person on your list! It’s perfect for the holidays! Stationery can be super festive (I’m looking at you, confetti polka dots in metallic foil). It’s also typically packaged in a nice, neat box – perfect for some awesome giftwrapping (if you need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered). PLUS it can usually fit in a stocking too. Win – win – win. Here are some stationery sets that have been popping up on my gift list this holiday season:   Stationery_gifts_layout_WITH_NUMBERS   1) For the world traveler, I absolutely adore the “Around the World” stationery set from Rifle Paper Co. A friend of mine is on an actual trip around the world, and this adorable set screams perfect gift! From New York to Paris, Barcelona and Rome, the set’s 4 illustrated designs take you around the globe, but are printed right here in the US. 2) For the letter writer- Perfect for that writer that is a fan of floral and more into full length letters than folded card sets, Rifle Paper Co. has you covered with the Antoinette Social Stationery Set! 3) For the life of the party or hostess with the most-est, I recommend foil – lots of gold foil! Some people might call this an abstract polka dot pattern, but let’s face it – this gorgeous design was modeled after one of two things – the bubbly flowing from a bottle of champagne or confetti falling from the ceiling – and either way, what this stationery set says to me is party PARTY party! (In a perfectly classy, Kate Spade sort of way, of course) Set includes 10 correspondence cards + envelopes. 4)For the ever optimist (with a love of expletives) I think the Positive Postage set by Kristen Drozdowski reigns supreme. Set comes in a blue or orange theme and features 8 postcards with handlettered words: nice!, yay!, yippee!, awesome!, f*ck yeah, hooray!, and, sweet!, set against various background designs. The set also includes a Positive Postage pencil and button, all packaged in a stamped muslin bag – perfect notes for paying a little positivity forward.  5) For a lover of all things floral (who isn’t?), Moglea’s Couture Collection to the rescue! Whether you need to say “many thanks” or simply “hello,” the Iowa based studio’s “Seed & Floral” and “Hydrangea Hello” boxed sets are love-love-lovely, with vibrant colors, a bright white background and delicious envelope details. Each set includes 12 cards + envelopes in three unique designs, and honestly, I can’t choose a favorite between the two – can you?  6) For the minimalist in your life, might I suggest these ahhhhhmazing assorted envelope cards from designer Ferme a Papier? The name means Farm to Paper, and these simple, clean, leather-inspired designs can sit at my table anytime. Set of 8 cards + envelopes (4 unique designs, 2 cards of each). And here’s a hint, these might be a great start for a favorite fashionable gentleman who maybe isn’t so sold on this whole stationery idea yet. I’m counting down the days ‘til I’m back in the mitten and able to scoop these lovelies up in person – but if you’re out of state or more into online shopping, have no fear – RPS online is here! Looking for more stationery gift solutions or perhaps some customized paper loveliness? Drop a line to your friendly stationer at Rock Paper Scissors at and they can definitely hook you up!