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RPS Card Round Up- Happy Graduation!

In my humble opinion, there are a few different types of graduates.  A few of my favorites include: the disciplined, focused, headed to grad school or getting a 'real job' graduate, the 'holy shit, I can't believe they passed you, what are you going to do in the real world?' graduate, and the 'adventure is out there, I just need to find it, who cares about my college degree' graduate. Thankfully, at Rock Paper Scissors, we've got you covered with cards for each of these graduate types (and most of the other varieties o' graduates as well). I won't tell you what type of graduate I was, but I can tell you that the first card on the list below would have been PERFECT for me. Take a look at some of our favorite graduation cards to fit that special graduate in your life, and see if any of these would have been a perfect graduation card for someone to send to you! RPS-Grad Cards1 1) Welcome to the real world. The Schooled by Life card from Farewell Paperie most definitely tells it like it is. One part congratulations, one part dose of reality, and all parts humorous. 2) Give your grad the gift of shades. Why, do you ask? Because their future’s so bright, they’ve gotta wear shades! The letterpress card, designed by Benchpressed and printed in a cozy little studio, reads “here are some shades” on the front, with “your future is bright” printed on the inside. 3) Perfect for your favorite smarty pants, the You’re A F’ing Genius letterpress card features a lightbulb, sunshine yellow ink, and an additional message written in black: “Congratulations on Your Graduation.” 4) No More Cocktails Mixed in a Bucket card by Emily McDowell.  No more pencilsss, no more booksss. Is it just me, or does this song put the classic Alice Cooper anthem “School’s Out for Summer” in your head? Just me? Well, okay then. Celebrate the end of an era with this hand lettered, witty graduation card from Emily McDowell. (It’s so hard to say goodbye – to friends, to campus, and to crazy cocktails concocted in a bucket). 5) This Congrats Graduate Sugarpaper card is letterpressed printed on a background of lined notebook paper. Paired with a kraft brown envelope, it has a simple, sweet, old school feel, and is the perfect way to say congratulations. 6) There’s so many ways to say congrats, why pick just one?! Share your excitement with this letterpress card from Ink Meets Paper, which has tiny graduation caps and “Great Job” “congratulations” “Hooray” and “You Did It” written in four different, but equally adorable hand lettered styles. 7) This is quite possibly the perfect card for today’s millennial graduates, whom we love so dearly. Letterpress printed in yellow, gray and green ink, the It Takes Discipline card from Ladyfingers Letterpress reads: “This day and age, it takes a lot of discipline and perserverence to not get distracted by the internet, your phone and your friends. Oh wait…you did? And you STILL GRADUATED?? Well damn… that’s even more of an accomplishment!” Congratulations to all the graduates out there, in particular our local high school grads and those celebrating at the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University! We love our student customers and we’re so happy for you – congratulations on your achievements!