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Antique Luck: A Rustic Letterpress Wedding Suite

For those who are lucky in love, might we suggest Antique Luck, a wedding invitation suite from Bella Figura? RPS-Antique 3 The letterpress suite has a vintage western vibe, incorporating four-leaf clovers, horseshoe details and vintage inspired ribbon banners to create a swoonworthy suite, full of sophisticated country charm with a subtle Irish wedding twist. RPS-Antique1 RPS-Antique2 We love what Aimee O’Boyle (the designer behind the Antique Luck suite) had to say about her creative inspiration: “I am really quite fond of the idea of using old traditions in a wedding. While most people think of things like wearing a white wedding dress, not seeing the groom before the ceremony or having something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new, I like the idea of taking it a step further and including some lucky symbolism on the paper goods. Did you know that the four leaf clover petals represent faith, hope, love, and luck?  And did you also know that if you found an old horseshoe with nails still in it, the number of nails determines how many years of prosperous luck you will have? I think it’s really very sweet to add some “lucky” touches to the big day like this.” – Aimee O’Boyle, via the Bella Figura blog. We love pretty much everything about this suite and the inspiration behind it! If you’re interested in learning more about ordering the Antique Luck suite for your wedding, click here.