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Take a Trip to Tecumseh!

Our heart and soul at RPS belongs to Tecumseh! More than two years ago, we opened the doors to Rock Paper Scissors on Chicago Boulevard in Tecumseh, Michigan. When people ask me questions like, "Where's Tecumseh?" or "What's Tecumseh like?" I get so excited. I mean, insanely excited to share the town that helped us get our start and the town that we love so dearly.lisa_tecumseh_layout I'm gonna say it now, if you live in Michigan and haven't visited Tecumseh, you're doing yourself a disservice. It's a town like Stars Hallow in Gilmore Girls, but with the world's best donuts. It's a town that supports a wine & cheese shop. Yes. An entire store devoted to the best of the best in wine, cheese and beer. The folks behind this shop, The Boulevard Market, even have their own creamery and make their own stoneground chocolate (that we just happen to sell in Ann Arbor, it's SO good). The main street is filled with adorable retail shops that you'll have to check out , like our buddies over at Blush, that sell Michigan made Jenna Kator handbags and adorable clothing. Or Martin's Ace Hardware-- a true hardware store that sells nails in whatever size you need but also says the brightest of Kitchen Aid Mixers and comfiest of mattresses.  And guys, it's 30 minutes from Ann Arbor. You'll sit in longer traffic on State Street on a Tuesday night than it'll take you to hop on US 12 or head down 23 to get to Tecumseh! While you're in downtown Tecumseh, you can grab your coffee at our favorite coffee shop, The Daily Grind. Try the Cafe Caramel. Move over Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Cafe Caramel is the perfect fall coffee drink. Walk over to Lev's across the street, to grab the donuts, that I kid you not, should be the benchmark for perfection in donuts worldwide (better bring cash, this shop is a cash only joint). You can wander down Chicago Boulevard and enjoy tea at the British Tea Pantry, or check out J Barr Hobbies to take a walk down memory lane. Stop into Pentamere Winery to discover one of Southeastern Michigan's hidden gems-- and don't leave without trying their Michigan Cherry Wine. It's amazing. If wine tasting isn't your thing or you have restless partner, less excited about scoping out the retail landscape in Tecumseh, the bartenders at Muk's Sports Pub will grab you beer, some amazing green bean fries and give you the chance to watch the game on TV. If you're looking for some action, Skydive Tecumseh  is one of Michigan's premier jump sites. Tecumseh Paddle Co. offers canoe & kayak rentals and trips down the River Raisin. Looking to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground? I get it, I'm totally with ya, try Kapnick's Orchard and enjoy the  pumpkin patches and apple picking along with good ol' fall fun. As you head out of town there are two truly can't miss stops. 1) You HAVE to stop into Evan's Street Station, one of Michigan's best restaurants (not just Tecumseh's).  Evan's Street is housed in Tecumseh's former fire station, and is one of a handful of true farm to table restaurants. Grab a glass of J. Trees wine (from Blissfield, Michigan right down the street) and order the Warm Brie (strawberries, balsamic reduction and brie--how can you go wrong?). 2) And of course, stop into our Rock Paper Scissors Tecumseh store, say hi to Jill, Gail or Nancy and check out our original location! As one of our last fall weekends approach, hop in your car and take a trip 30 minutes down the road to one of Michigan's best small towns, Tecumseh. Tell em' we sent you!