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Rock Paper RoosRoast

We love good coffee, we love supporting local businesses, and we love alliteration so it's no surprise that we love RoosRoast Coffee! RPS team members drink a lot of coffee and we are thrilled to have the newest RoosRoast location just around  the corner from us on Liberty. The decor of the new location is fun and a little bit funky. The menus put up with washi tape speak right to our craft-RoosRoast ethically sources their coffee beans and roasts all of them locally. Their individually screen-printed bags are like small works of art - art that smells like amazing, rich, caffeinated goodness. The coffee has fun names too like Rich French Neighbor, Pheasant Mother Plucker, and the stuff dreams are made of -  Lobster Butter Love. FullSizeRender (12) The new downtown RoosRoast location also offers lots of food options including sandwiches, pastries, toast, burritos (Friday only), and  ice cream sandwiches. Yep, that's right, ice cream sandwiches. These treats, actually called "Ice Bergers" are from What Up Dough? and if you haven't had one before, you should run to RoosRoast right now and grab one along with a cup of coffee. FullSizeRender (14)  Welcome to the neighborhood, RoosRoast! We are thrilled to have you downtown!