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Rock Paper Power & Light Press

Have you ever been in RPS and wondered who comes up with some of the funny, crazy, or wonderfully offensive cards we sell? Wonder no more! We've interviewed some of the awesome designers behind the cards and are excited to share the interviews here on the blog. First up, Kyle Durrie, proprietor of Power & Light Press...
1) How'd your company get its name? I'm really into the idea of printing as being this very democratic process - the ability to produce multiples inherently makes printmaking more utilitarian and accessible, and less precious than "fine art".  I was kind of breaking up with fine art when I got into letterpress, and this was one of my favorite parts of my new craft.  And so, I named my studio Power and Light Press, as a nod to so many of the old timey utility companies from the previous century.
2) Where are you from? Where is the business located?  I grew up in big east coast cities - NYC and Washington DC.  I've moved around a whole lot since high school (Maine, Oregon, North Carolina), but I've since landed in a small town in the mountains of New Mexico called Silver City.  I think I'll stay awhile.
3) What's your favorite card you create? I feel like my "fuck yeah" card really sums up what me and my work are all about - a little bit ridiculous, mildly offensive, yet weirdly charming.
4) What's your favorite card someone else creates?  Oh man, I totally love Bench Pressed's "oh shit/pregnancy test" card... it's just so real.
5) Is there a song you like to print/ create to? What is it?
I like to mix it up at the shop - there's no one go-to song or album.  But most days, you'll find me listening to old time country-western or doo-wop girl groups, with a little Kanye thrown in for good measure.
6) What's your favorite snack and/or cocktail?  My fave snacks are cocktails.  Whiskey or tequila based, please.
7) Anything ridiculous you want the people of Ann Arbor to know :)
My print shop is housed in a former motorcycle garage, and my crew of bad-ass ladies and I print in custom coveralls.