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Happy Birthday Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor!

Since celebrating EVERYTHING is pretty much our thing, don't be surprised that we're taking a moment today to celebrate our Ann Arbor BIRTHDAY! Just four years ago, we opened the doors for the very first time at our Main Street location! We're so thankful for the opportunity to help you all celebrate all of life's little occasions and are so looking forward to what the next 4, or even 45 years bring! Thank you, thank you, thank you! RPS Exterior   We've so loved being a part of the Main Street community-- here are some pics from our GRAND opening weekend! It's so much fun to see how much the store has changed, and stayed the same over the years! DSC_3841   I will not pass notes in class-- wait! Save the Handwritten Note-- pass notes in class! DSC_3927 Our fun "Coton Colors" line is still as bright as ever-- just displayed slightly differently! DSC_7481     Love this shot! Thanks Melissa Squires for capturing the store so well! Cheers friends & thanks for celebrating with us!