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MEET LISA lisa Lisa once gave up coffee and cheese for two months in the blustery winter of 2013. She apologizes for her actions during this time and hopes that one day the communities of Ann Arbor and Tecumseh will be able to forgive her. She buys awesome eyeglasseslike they are packs of gum and jumps at any opportunity to sing karaoke andappreciates the fact that you are likely judging her as you read this. She is the wife of her high school crush, Ken, and the mother of a Chuck Taylor wearing, Pit Bull loving (Mr. Worldwide) 2 year old little girl named Mattie. Lisa is the owner of Rock Paper Scissors, with two locations; one in Tecumseh, & one in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Although she’s sad that she never grew up in Stars Hollow or Capeside and that Melissa McCarthy and Tina Fey beat her to the punch in becoming the self deprecating faces of women in comedy, she can honestly say that everyday she sits at her desk (underneath a giant chevronzebra head) and says “Holy shit, I can’t believe this is my life”.