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Illustrations and Lettering and Liners, OH MY!

These  bridal shower invitations are one of my favorite projects to date.  With hand illustration and lettering by our in-house designer Kristen Drozdowski, the invitation, family tradition card, small insert card, burgundy floral liner and gold envelope were perfect for the December shower of a very special bride!   ep5 Besides the AMAZING lettering, I simply LOVED the "Our Family Traditions" card. What a neat way to share traditions and  help a new family create their own holiday memories! ep3 This pattern lined the envelope and the back of every card. Never underestimate the impact of an envelope liner - it can really take your invitations and correspondence to a whole new level of lovely. To say I'm obsessed with this floral illustration would be a drastic understatement. I wish this hand drawn pattern could line every envelope I send, every wall in my home and every notebook I carry. The deep burgundy, gold, green, orange and raspberry hues would be perfect all year long, but they really set the seasonal stage for this fall/winter shower!   bridetobecircle Finally, to tie the invitation and the event together, we created a decorative bunting (not pictured) and this fun Bride-to-Be sign. At Rock Paper Scissors, seeing cohesive events that are anchored by the paper (or the design, font,  or lettering style) is truly one of our favorite things! Planning a shower or a wedding? Let us help you create your invitations! Learn more here!