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Designer Profile- 42 Pressed

From the name, to the style, to the amazing designer behind the company, we love 42 Pressed ! This spring, the Sweet Day & Country Flair designs stole the hearts of many an Ann Arbor bride and this fall we fell in love again when we saw the Jackie O collection on the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings.  This Charleston, South Carolina based design company mixes geometric & graphic with clean & classic, cute & country with strong & bold and their adorable details are really what get us all flustered.  The perfect use of belly bands, tags and surprising envelope liners sends us swooning over these designs. Jackie took some time out of her super busy life to answer the questions we think all 42 pressed fans must know. So guys, take a minute, and meet Jackie! 42_pressed_layout   1.       How’d you name your brand/company? Well, my married name is Jackie Robinson (maiden was Jackie Hall) and of course, we all know who Jackie Robinson is! 42 was his number, and being an athlete in college and a huge sports fan in general, I thought it was too perfect to pass up the opportunity to name our letterpress and design studio 42 Pressed! 2.       What has been your favorite project you’ve worked on? Hmmm, that's really hard. There have been so many I love for so many different reasons. I would have to say the Jackie O' invitation suite that recently got featured in the style issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. It was a blast to work with the MSW team, and imagining up this beautiful invitation and having it become a reality. It really was a HUGE goal I set for myself way in the beginning when I started 42 Pressed and to see that finally come to fruition, was a huge thrill for me and my company. 3.       If you had to tattoo one word on your body, what word would you choose? Probably "Riley" who is our 2 year old daughter. 4.       What’s your signature cocktail? A Moscow Mule from The Rare Bit, in Charleston. 5.       Stripes or polka dots? Ahhh!! Too hard to answer, I ADORE both. I am normally pretty decisive but stripes and polka dots are truly two of my favorite patterns. Sell out Jackie, but it's true! 6.       What song is on repeat on your iTunes right now? Wilco's "Kamera" anything Wilco, I have been adoring lately. 7.       If you had to describe your work/style in three words, what would those words be?  Typographical, Bold, Playful 8.       If you could have a weird Freaky Friday experience for a day, which designer would you want to switch bodies with and why?  Whoa! So many... I have always loved Erin Jang's work. I think she's an incredible designer with a very simple aesthetic. Just goes to show that you can develop a style that does not have to be overly ornate, but still be incredibly you. 9.       What advice would you give to 20 year old you?  Hone in on what you love and make money doing it. You don't always have to listen to the masses and do things the traditional way.  Never stop developing your craft. 10.   If we challenged you to a game of rock, paper, scissors, which would you choose? Why? This is a hard one,  paper, for obvious reasons, right?!  Although, I love anything outdoorsy, so rocks maybe as well. We're still going nuts over Jackie's advice to "Never stop developing your craft."  Each new design that 42 Pressed has is better than the last, a true testament to Jackie's desire to really do things her way and continually improve! A big thanks to Jackie for answering our crazy questions-- now come visit us in Ann Arbor- we'll head to The Raven's Club and I'll show you a Moscow Mule that will help you reconsider your answer to #4. Friends, if these bold & playful designs scream you and your sweetie-- Make an appointment on our website or email us today at so we can show you EVERYTHING that 42 Pressed has to offer.