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Celebrating the Summer Olympics

Tonight all eyes will turn to Rio de Janeiro where the 2016 Summer Olympics will begin. Why are we excited to watch the Olympics? It's another reason to celebrate and show our love of Team USA, of course! Did you know that lots of Team USA members train in Ann Arbor, as well as Olympic team members from other countries? Men and women competing for Olympic medals in swimming, wrestling, track, and gymnastics are just some of the athletes you might see around town. If you want to watch the Olympics in style we suggest picking up some of our current favorite red,white, and blue items. Stay hydrated while watching from the couch (or attempting some crazy, athletic moves yourself!!) with one of the staff and customer favorite items of the summer, the Corkcicle - perfect in red or blue. FullSizeRender-23 If you want to feel cozy while watching team USA dominate then how about a 100% cotton throw? These blankets are super soft and not too heavy for a summer night. FullSizeRender-24 We are really loving this Amy Poehler quote! This print reminds us so much of the spirit behind the hard-working Olympic athletes. FullSizeRender-22 Tell us, which Olympic sport are you most excited to watch?