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Celebrate Everything: National Beer Day

While most Mondays bring another dreaded work week, today is definitely something to celebrate: it's National Beer Day!

The team at Rock Paper Scissors love a good brew - especially those crafted right here in the good 'ol mitten state. To celebrate all the wonderful beer Michigan has to offer, RPS recently released a custom designed "Drink Good Michigan Beer" t-shirt! Today we're featuring just a sampling of the beer gifts and goodies available from RPS. Check out the items below, and remember, there's more where this came from at our Tecumseh and Ann Arbor locations (grizzly bear bottle openers, beer themed playing cards, and much, much more!)

National Beer Day Rock Paper Scissors


1. This card from Ladyfingers Letterpress is perfect for your favorite friend on their special day. Card reads "Happy Birthday Ol' Pal" and comes with a bright red envelope. Looking for more beer awesomeness from Ladyfingers? We also carry their "Happy Beerthday!" card (Get it? Beer-thday? Birthday?!).

2. Beer Nerd is the perfect game to test the brew intellectual. Players roll the die and move around the game board as they test their knowledge of beer. If they land on a blind taste test, they take a sip and try to identify the brew. The first person to correctly identify the final taste test wins the game. Win or lose, everyone will want to play again.

3.  For craft-beer enthusiasts and home brewers alike, this set of mini journals is ideal for jotting down personal tasting and brewing notes. And each journal is small enough to fit into a back pocket and take to your favorite watering hole.

4. My personal favorite, the Beer Goggle Glasses, goes through the typical stages of drinking, as measured by the amount consumed. Start off with "Never" and "As If" but lo and behold, as the drinks are flowing, somehow we arrive at "Tempting" and "Irresistible."

5. Beauty is in the hand of the beer holder. From pouring to storing, crushing cans to keg stands, from beer bongs to beer pong, the Book of Beer Awesomeness is the definitive guide to beer drinking. What more could you possibly need to know?

6. The Beer Tasting Tool Kit provides the perfect excuse to organize a beer drinking party. Gather your friends and match beers for themed tastings. Created by Portland-based brewmaster Jeff Alworth.

7. Get all hopped up with these adorable glasses!

8. This Ecka and Pecka football themed card just happens to be in maize and blue. Coincidence? I think not. Cover reads "Beer drinking, when combined with football watching, will add years to your life." Inside greeting says "I made that up. Just wanted you to have a few seconds of happiness on your birthday."

9. We love the beer making kits from Brooklyn Brewshop! Check out the Everyday IPA featured above, a customer favorite.

10. From the makers of the ever-popular corksicle comes the chillsner - the perfect way to chill your pilsner, without watering it down! Package includes 2 chillsners, 1 freezer storage case, and 2 coasters.

11. Our new RPS exclusive "Drink Good Michigan Beer" shirt. Celebrate Michigan's great local beer today and every day!

12. RPS has a variety of simple, yet bold pint glasses - choose your favorite type of beer or pick up a mix and match set. Varieties include wheat, porter, pale ale, lager, and homebrew.