By Bench Bookkeeping

A Note of Thanks

In these grey days of January we look for anything and everything to add a little brightness to our days. One thing that always makes us feel lighter and brighter is sending and receiving thank you notes. Of course, we mean handwritten thank you notes. 

Saying thank you is so important and saying it via a handwritten note always makes a big impact. We've all been taught that writing a thank you note is part of having good manners, but did you know that simply writing a thank you note increases feelings of gratitude, optimism and happiness? 

We write thank you notes whenever we receive a gift, but we also make sure to write notes of thanks to hostesses, employees doing an extra great job, and friends who we appreciate just because they are who they are.

Reading this article about a man who sent a thank you note for every day of the year left us inspired. This year we plan to write more than you notes than ever before. We want to spread gratitude, cheer, and save the handwritten note all at the same time. Will you join us?!