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Everybody Stay Calm Gift Box


Introducing our Everybody Stay Calm Gift Box – the ultimate remedy for those who need to unwind and give life the middle finger! Dive into relaxation with the Wavvy Bath Salt Soak, because soaking away stress is the true superhero origin story. Indulge your taste buds with the Coconut Macaroon Cookie Chocolate Bar, because calories don't count when you're on a mission to let go of all the bullshit. Sip your favorite brew in the Exhale the Bullshit Coffee Mug, inspired by the zen wisdom of Ron Swanson. Mix up a lavender-infused cocktail with the Lavender Cocktail Syrup, because relaxation is best enjoyed with a boozy twist. And lastly, slip into the Let That Shit Go Socks, because letting go is always easier when you have cozy socks reminding you to kick life's ass and relax like a boss. It's time to channel your inner Elsa and let it go, my friend. Let it go!

  • Wavvy Bath Salt Soak
  • Coconut Macaroon Cookie Chocolate Bar
  • Exhale the Bullshit Coffee Mug
  • Portland Syrup Co. Lavender Cocktail Syrup
  • Let That Shit Go Socks

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**Items are packaged in our custom gift boxes with shredded paper & ribbon depending on items that fill the package. 

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