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Just A Taste Margarita Gift Box


Introducing the Just A Taste Margarita - the ultimate fiesta-in-a-box for the wildest party animals! Sip your way to bliss with three tantalizing margarita mixes that'll have you feeling like a tipsy superhero. Indulge your sweet tooth with a Sea Salt & Lime artisan chocolate that'll make you go weak at the knees, and top it all off with mango margarita fruit jerky that'll make your taste buds dance like nobody's watching. It's the perfect gift for those who like their cocktails shaken, not stirred, and their treats as bold and daring as their spirit! Get ready to margarita like there's no mañana!

Box includes:

Up Up Sea Salt & Lime Chocolate 

Noble Mick's Spicy Margarita Mix  

Mango Margarita Jerky 

Cheeky Lime Syrup 

Spicy Margarita Syrup 

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