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  • On a coral background sits a very light peach starburst. In the starburst it says "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS" in coral, all caps block font. It also says "Custom Gift Box" in coral, thick script font.

Custom Gift Box

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Gift Box CustomizationIf you have already completed the survey, you're all set! If you don't know what we're talking about, continue on reading.While we've done our best...
Gift Box Customization

If you have already completed the survey, you're all set! If you don't know what we're talking about, continue on reading.

While we've done our best to curate our gift box selection for any occasion, we know that there are some people who just don't fit the mold! If you're shopping for one of those people, a Custom Gift Box could be a great option for you. To get started: 

1. Fill out a brief survey
2. Choose how much you'd like to spend
2. Add to cart, checkout + ship!


Note: Completing the Custom Gift Box survey is not the same as submitting your order. We will begin picking your Custom Gift Box after you add to cart and check out.

Example contents* at various price points:
$39   Mug + stickers
$59   Mug, coffee, snack + stickers
$119   Mug, coffee, self care items, snack + stickers
Cookbook, mug, coffee, cocktail mixer, self care items + stickers
$259   A whole bunch of awesome shi*t including items like luxury candles, Michigan-made snacks or a Barefoot Dreams robe 

* These examples are intended to be used as a purchasing guide. They are not representative of exactly what will be in your Custom Gift Box.  

More questions? Read our FAQs.


Individual items are subject to availability, but not to worry! If something is out of stock, we'll swap it for an equally awesome item that's in keeping with the theme.

There are currently no customer-initiated substitutions allowed for our ready-to-ship gift boxes.

If you'd like to customize a gift box, you may begin that process by filling out a survey in our Custom Gift Box listing.

Gift Box Packaging

Each of our boxes is gift-ready and packed with care, with white krinkle, stickers and RPS tape.

We include a hand-written note with each box. If you'd like a card, you may add it to your cart separately.

If you would like custom gift wrap, you may add that separately.


Images are a sample. The actual items may vary by color or style from box to box, but each gift is prepared by hand to ensure every box is cute and cohesive.