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Paloma Party Gift Box


Introducing the "Paloma Party Box" - a cocktail lover's dream that's as refreshing and sassy as a Sunday brunch with your besties! Kick back and sip on the "Parch Paloma," a tantalizing blend that'll transport you to a beachside paradise faster than you can say "bottoms up." Pair it with the zesty Grapefruit Tonic for an explosion of flavor that'll make your taste buds sing like Mariah hitting those high notes. Set the mood with the Paloma Candle, filling the air with the irresistible aroma of citrusy bliss. And don't forget to proudly display the "Bitch, You're Doing a Good Job!" sticker, because you deserve all the praise and a damn good cocktail. It's time to shake, sip, and sparkle like the fabulous mixologist you are!

Box includes:

Parch Paloma Mix

Grapefruit Tonic

Paloma Candle

Bitch You're Doing A Good Job Sticker  





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