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Fancy AF Stationery Gift Box


Introducing the "Fancy AF Stationery Box" - a collection of goodies that'll make you feel like the CEO of paper and pens, with a touch of snarkiness. Jot down your genius ideas and petty grievances on the Rifle Paper Co. Floral Notepad - because even your venting deserves a touch of floral elegance. Stick it to the world with the exclusive RPS sticker, letting everyone know you're part of an elite squad that appreciates the finer things in life. Grab the rose gold pen and feel like a bougie wordsmith as you pen your notes with the sophistication of a self-proclaimed genius. Treat your tired eyes to some pampering with the Patchology Gel Eye Patches - because even your under-eye bags deserve the royal treatment. Take a well-deserved break and let the soothing shower steamer whisk you away to a world where responsibilities are for peasants. And lastly, indulge in the divine decadence of a Compartes Artisan Chocolate Bar, because nothing says "classy AF" like savoring chocolate like it's your job. Get ready to unleash your inner snark while delighting in the most fabulous stationery box known to humanity!

Box includes:

Rifle Paper Co. Floral Notepad 

Rose Gold Pen

Compartes Chocolate Bar 

RPS Exclusive Sticker 

Shower Steamer

Patchology Gel Eye Patch 




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