By Lisa Roberts

We've Expanded Junior + Saline!

You may or may not have heard -- there's been a little bit of musical chairs in our Saline stores, and we're taking the opportunity here to break down exactly what has changed. 

In 2020, we took over the space next to Corrigan Coffee, first as The Market, then as Junior, but it was never meant to be a permanent location. Since then, we've really fallen in love with Junior, so we were super happy when the space next to RPS Saline opened up and we could give it a more permanent location!

It just made more sense to set up Junior in the spot formerly established as RPS Saline. As you guys know, it has two entrances and plenty of space in the back for kiddos to really explore. This gives Junior more parking and better handicap/stroller accessibility, too! Wins all around! 

Don't worry, if you're used to shopping RPS Saline, you'll park in the exact same place -- the lot next door by the car wash. You'll just use one door down!

We're super pumped about this new space for RPS Saline. We've still got super soft Saline sweatshirts, delicious candles, and all the snarky cards you need. We also gained offices there that not only give Lisa a room with an actual door to close (WHAT), but allow us to meet privately with clients and really dig back in to offering custom wedding invites and signage! We've really missed that over the last few years.

As a bonus, you won't have to walk across a busy thoroughfare to shop both Saline locations! 

So please, if you haven't been down to Saline lately, come check us out!

Map of downtown Saline showing how Rock Paper Scissors Junior has moved into the former RPS Saline location on Michigan ave, and RPS Saline has moved next door.

RPS Saline
104 W Michigan Ave
Saline, MI 48176
RPS Junior
106 W Michigan Ave
Saline, MI 48176