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RPS Tailgates - End of Summer Celebration

Football season is definitely one of our favorite things. It's not just the game itself - although we are huge football fans - it's the tradition and the celebrations that surround football that make us so excited. As we kickoff football season 2016 we thought it would be fun to put together ideas for all different sorts of tailgates. Our #1 tip to throwing any celebration is to choose a theme and tailgates are no exception. We hope you'll follow along over the next few weeks as we share some tailgate ideas, and hey,  keep checking back because we might have some photos of real life RPS tailgates too! End of Summer Celebration Tailgate This is the tailgate everyone will want to attend during Labor Day weekend as we all try and hold onto the last bits of warmth and sunshine. The drink: Mix up a big batch of Pineapple Punch. Combine 3 parts ginger ale, 3 parts pineapple juice, 1 part rum, and 1 part White Whale Day Dreamer Cocktail mix. Add some chunks of fresh pineapple and you've got a refreshing tailgate punch! Want to make this even more appealing to a Michigan-loving football crowd? Add some frozen blueberries to show your love for the maize & blue.
A refreshing blend of lemon, orange, and cinnamon flavors


The Food: Here we think it's good to stick to traditional grilling fare. Fire up your grill and make your favorite hotdogs, brats, and hamburgers. We're also big fans of grilled corn on the cob since it's so summery and easy to get at the farmers market. If you want to provide your tailgate guests with something sweet to follow all that grilled meat, consider the Coconut Mango from Bonnie's Jams paired with a creamy cheese and some bread or crackers. Easy, sweet, and summery!

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