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Rock Paper Washtenaw Dairy

Happy Friday! We're thinking about celebrating the weekend with a little ice cream. Or, maybe a lot of ice cream. The more scoops the better, right!? Our craving comes from reading this Thrillist article about the 21 Best Old-School Ice Cream Shops in America. One of our local favorites - Washtenaw Dairy - made the list. Washtenaw Dairy has been around since 1934 and is full of nostalgia. When a place has been serving ice cream (and donuts!) for that many years, you can count on it being good! We suggest strolling over to Washtenaw Dairy which is located in the beautiful Old West Side neighborhood, picking out your favorite ice cream from one of their 30+ flavors, and then enjoying it while making the short walk to Rock Paper Scissors for some shopping. Washtenaw Dairy is known for their very generous portions so you'll likely still be enjoying your treat by the time you reach us. Tell us, what 's your favorite ice cream flavor!? FullSizeRender-25