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Rock Paper Thankful

Here's the thing, I'm embarassed that it takes an upcoming  holiday centered around THANKFULNESS for me to take a deep breath, and actually take some time to reflect on this year & what I'm most thankful for.  There is so much that I am so grateful for, and truthfully, I'm moving so fast that sometimes thanking people for the little things is something that falls through the cracks. Horrible. I know. Everyday it takes between 7-10 people to make this business & my family function the way that it does.  With out my mom, the amazing RPS staff in Ann Arbor, Detroit & Tecumseh, my in-laws, Mattie's stellar caregivers (whether that's my mom, my mother-in-law, Jill or the daycare) and my husband shuffling schedules, pick ups, drop offs, responsibilities and shifts, we'd never make it. So this year, I'm most thankful for the village it takes to raise both my daughter & myself (and this crazy lil' business). Thank you to my husband Ken, my Mom and Dad, Mel & Al, Jill,  Susan, Mark, Tori, Brenna, Jess, Gail, Abi, Alex, Katie, Siena, Hannah, Jamie, Sarah, Kristen, Laura, Kendall, and Nancy for your kindness & flexibility. I appreciate each one of you SO very much.  Also, and it must be said,   I'm thankful for social media that allows me to communicate with my very best friends all over the world, coffee (good, quality coffee), Justin Timberlake on SNL,  cheeseboards, the movie Elf, &  Raven's Club New York Whiskey Sours.     Thankful_RPS-2 Meet our fabulous Rock Paper Scissors Ann Arbor, Detroit, Tecumseh & Design team. We asked them to tell us what they are most thankful for this year. Check it out below:  Ann: Having the most precious children & grandchildren a mom/nana could ever ask for Susan: Thankful for the love and support of family & friends Gail: Thankful for the tradition of our family gathering in Ludington.  We have been going to my brother’s house for over 30 years. Great grandparents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren all under one roof for 3 days! Kendall: I am thankful for health, happiness and to live in a place where differences are tolerated. Katie: Netflix. And Living in Ann Arbor again, and for my wonderful roommates, boyfriend, friends and parents. Nancy: Thankful I have both of my parents still with me, and 2 of my 4 grown children will be visiting my parents and will be at their table as well. Tori : Lisa Mattison Roberts. And cheese, whiskey, coffee, Charliebear, social justice & hearth candles. Hannah: The 3 F’s- family, friends & football and the 1 B, beer. Jill: Thankful for all of the love and support from my family (my 2 amazing kids Reid & Abi) an friends and a well roasted turkey! And my job at RPS, and being with Mattie to warm my heart, and coffee Brenna: I am thankful for the GFWBLT (gluten free wafel BLT) and my gym membership. Jamie: I'm thankful for my crazy family, wild friends and hilarious dog. I also am thankful for the little things, those little moments that happen each day, make you laugh and keep you going. Siena: Kale, down jackets, airplanes, and fried eggs. Abi: Friends, family and red velvet cupcakes. Sarah: Turkey injected with butter, good wine, and a loving family that is smart enough to combine both. Laura: I'm thankful for my warm home, sweet family, growth and learning, and the means to do what I love every day. Kristen:  The love & support from my family. Living in a time & place where people are able to really follow their dreams. The seasons for making life interesting. Cats, friendly people, pretty nature sights, laughter and pizza. Alex: Family, smiles, laughter, cupcakes & life unexpectancies. Mark: Peace, caffeine, The Affordable Care Act and the end of filibusters on judicial appointments. What are you most thankful for this year? Comment below and we'll send you a fun snail mail treat!