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Rock Paper Pretzel Bell

We are starting a new series of posts on the blog all about our wonderful corner of the world - Ann Arbor! Ann Arbor is  a unique place that we love being a part of and we want to celebrate some of our favorite people and places. Without further ado, "meet" our new neighbor, The Pretzel Bell
It’s no surprise to you guys that we love to celebrate EVERYTHING. Truthfully, the only thing we may love more than celebrating everything is meeting other people that love to celebrate everything, also. It gets even better when those other people are an Ann Arbor bar revival- The Pretzel Bell -  and live just THREE DOORS DOWN from Rock Paper Scissors. Besides the amazing menu (Try the chopped salad with carrot vinaigrette—do it. Do it now.), we love Pretzel Bell's great selection of cocktails, draught beers, ciders and the relaxed atmosphere. It's a bar that feels like home—if at home you were allowed to etch your name into the tables.
Another thing we love about The Pretzel Bell is that it’s rooted in tradition. It’s a new spin on an historical gem. Opened in 1934, it occupied the southwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Liberty for 50 years. Many have told stories about how the "P-Bell" was THE gathering place in Ann Arbor. Students crowded in to take their first legal drink, and townies gathered to listen to live music on Saturday nights. Back in the day, the Pretzel Bell was THE place to celebrate your 21st birthday—you’d get to ring the bell, stand on the table and chug a pitcher of beer to celebrate. At the new location on the corner of Main Street and Liberty, you won’t find any newly minted 21 year-olds standing on tables, but they still get to ring the bell and are gifted a pint glass with the words  “I had my first legal beer at the Pretzel Bell”, plus the cutest little keepsake bell.  
The Pretzel Bell has some a knack for nostalgic decor that highlights some local legends, both big and small. We love that we can be inspired by both Bo's words and Chad Carr's toughness all in one space. 
Continuing tradition,  serving great food and drink, and creating a gathering place to celebrate people and moments,  are just some of the reasons why we love having The Pretzel Bell back in Ann Arbor.  
 Welcome BACK to the 'hood Pretzel Bell!