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Rock Paper Jolly Awesome

Next up in our meet the card maker series is Jolly Awesome. Check out our interview with Matt Nguyen, Founding Director, Artist & Illustrator at Jolly Awesome!
1) How'd your company get its name ? All my work is inspired by my loves and passions, which include all things Americana and British pop culture. I came up with the name as 'Jolly' is a classic British term and 'Awesome' is a quintessential Americanism.
2) Where are you from? Where is the business located?  We work from a home studio in London, UK
3) Whats your favorite card you create? Fox Shit Up
4) What's your favorite card someone else creates? I like Dean Morris Cards, they're so rude
 5) Is there a song you like to print/ create to? What is it?
 I usually put on a hip hop playlist from Spotify when I work so I can discover stuff I might not have heard before 6) What's your favorite snack and or cocktail? 
 I like beer more than cocktails, and I'm partial to popcorn. (Sweet, never salted or buttered!)
 7) Anything ridiculous you want the people of Ann Arbor to know? :)
I used to work for a big corporate bank at their global head office - then I got bored, so I quit and now I draw for a living