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Rock Paper Courtney

It's time to meet another member of our awesome Rock Paper Scissors team - Courtney!
1)  Where are you from?
I was born in Colorado but I have lived in wonderful Ann Arbor for about 5 years.
2) Why did you want to work at Rock Paper Scissors and why do you love working here?
I wanted to work at RPS after seeing how much of a unique store it is during my first visit. The fun, friendly staff along with getting to sell amazing, one-of-a-kind products is why I love working here!
3) What’s your favorite card in the store and why? 
 My favorite card at RPS is the “Fresh out of f*cks” card from Guttersnipe Press. I enjoy this card because it perfectly captures any girl’s sassy, yet humorous side. It makes me laugh every time I see it.
4) What's your favorite gift in the store and why?
My favorite gifts in the store are the socks from Blue-Q because you can easily find a pair of these bad boys to suit anyone’s personality and they will be guaranteed to love them. Plus, who doesn’t love a new pair of comfy socks?
5) Besides RPS or Bed & Butter what’s your favorite local Ann Arbor business and why?
Besides RPS and Bed & Butter, my favorite local Ann Arbor business is Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery because the barbecue food is absolutely delicious and there’s also a great atmosphere here. The Triple Mac and Cheese is a must-try!