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Oooh We Love Lettering Classes

Oooh We Love Lettering Classes

Come join us this Saturday, June 23rd for a Lettering Class with the FABULOUS Hazel & Dolly!

Learn the basics of lettering & enjoy some wonderful company!

When & Where: Saturday June 23rd at 9:00am at Rock Paper Scissors in Ann Arbor

Here are some reasons why we love hand lettering classes so much!

1) Trying New Tools Keeps Things Fresh- why not have a fun, creative outlet! Imagine how your doodles will look with your custom letters.

2) Not Everything Has to Be Perfect- erasers are NOT needed! Try and try again. Embrace the glorious mess that lettering can often times look like and make it yours. 

3) Always Changing- You can use hand lettering to help with journaling, organizing, or even a way to make your planner a little more appealing. Change from your standard font and let things around you inspire you. 

Come join us, you won't be disappointed.


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