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Meet the Maker: Ladyfingers Letterpress


Ladyfingers Letterpress

image1 We are so excited to introduce you to some of our all time favorite people. Not even just card makers and artists extraordinaire but PEOPLE. They are truly THE BEST.  We've loved having Ladyfingers Letterpress a part of our stores-- take some time and get to know them just a little bit better below! 1) How'd your company get its name ? Morgan has always loved to bake, and when we started our business our fantasy was to open a gay bakery (you know, a gaykery - basically a gay bar that’s a bakery) and a print shop, but figured that solvents and ink don't really go well with sugar and flour, so we stuck with the gay printmaking. 2) Where are you from? Where is the business located?  Morgan is from Colorado Springs, CO and Arley is from Milford, PA. We met in Providence, RI and started our business there after meeting at an arts non-profit we both worked at and falling in love. In 2014, we got news that Morgan’s family lost their home in a quickly spreading wildfire and in 2015, we decided to move the business to across the country to Colorado to be closer to family. As I type this, we are working on renovating a new studio in the downtown district of Colorado Springs and our new address will be 113 E Bijou Street, right in the heart of the city! This will be our fourth and hopefully lifelong location of our business, which we are aiming to expand to include a retail section to sell our favorite products. 3) Whats your favorite card you create?  We love experimenting with materials and humor, so I would say our Baby Bump card is one of our favorites! image1 4) What's your favorite card someone else creates?  UGHH there are so many geniuses in this industry and we are constantly amazed and entertained. Basically, anything that Sapling Press or Emily McDowell Studio touches makes us pee a little. Especially this one and this one. 5) Is there a song you like to print/ create to? What is it? I basically just put this on repeat and listen to it for 8 hours straight: 6) What's your favorite snack and or cocktail?  Makers Mark Manhattans with a Luxardo cherry! 7) Is there anything ridiculous you want the people of Ann Arbor to know :) You guys are all so ridiculously lucky to have Lisa and RPS in your town! Love it! Visit it! Support it!