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Lobsters, Foil, and Charlie Bear, OH MY!

VB-1_layout A year ago, I wrote a list of my top 5 favorite items as part of a birthday wish list. Of course, NO ONE bought me any of it (jerks),  so now that my birthday is right around the corner again, here is another list of my favorite items in the store! Feel free to use it as a reference the next time you are looking to buy me something.  Is anyone surprised that two items are from Sugar Paper LA and two items are from Rifle Paper Co? No? Nobody? Yeah, me neither… 1.) Linnea’s Lights Sea Salt candle Holy crap, you guys. This candle. This. Candle. When we were burning it in the store for a week, I counted how many customers mentioned it when they either walked in or came up to the counter. 100% OF PEOPLE MENTIONED HOW GREAT IT WAS. It’s a scientific fact that everyone enjoys this candle. You can’t argue with science. It’s a soy candle with a super clean burn and it lasts for 60 hours! That’s a lot of hours of the best scent your nose has ever had the pleasure of smelling! 2. Sugar Paper LA black and gold journal The gold foil train is chugging along and let me tell you, I am on board and loving every second of it. This chic journal makes me want to cuddle up on my couch and write every thought and feeling I’ve ever had, but I also never want to write in it because my dumb thoughts and feelings aren’t worthy of such a gorgeous bundle of paper. It’s so beautiful and such a classic Sugar Paper LA product. I’m in love with every inch of it. 3.) Sugar Paper LA ‘You’re my lobster’ card Is there anything better than a classic Friends reference? Um, yeah, a classic Friends reference LETTERPRESSED ON A CARD WITH A MATCHING LOBSTER ENVELOPE LINER. I watch Friends almost every day (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t watching it right now… The One With Rachel’s Other Sister… please don’t judge me) so this card is perfect in every single way. If you don’t get the reference, you’re dead to me. …I’m sorry. That was harsh. You’re not dead to me, blog reader. I just like you a lot less. ….please keep reading the rest of this post… 4.) Rifle Paper Co. shaggy dog card Blog reader, I know you don’t know me. Maybe you never will. But if you need to know one thing about me, it’s that my littlewittlebabypuppy Charlie is my whole life. Granted, he doesn’t live with me, but he’s the best. The absolute best. And you know what else? Rifle Paper Co has a card BASED ON A PHOTOGRAPH OF CHARLIE. Ok, maybe not based on Charlie… but it looks just like Charlie! I like to think that Anna Rifle Bond herself happened to stumble upon my instagram and feast her eyes on my Charliebear and then feel inspired to illustrate him! Don’t burst my bubble, you guys. It’s a card of Charlie in rain boots and that’s that. 5.) Rifle Paper Co. desk calendar You know that emoji with hearts for eyes? That is an exact portrait of me whenever I look at the RPC desk calendar. Everything else goes blurry and I get weak in the knees. It adds such elegance to any space. It gets me excited for every month (even months like March. Who likes March?!) Seriously. The floral illustrations are to die for. I pinky promise you guys will fall in love with it. So there you have it. Although it was nearly impossible to nail down my top favorite items in the store, these are definitely some of the best. What are your favorite items? More importantly, what is your favorite Friends episode? Let us know in the comments below! Love Tori's Top Picks? Check em' out here: 1) Linnea’s Lights Sea Salt Candle  2) Sugar Paper Black & Gold Foiled Dot Notebook 3) Sugar Paper “You’re My Lobster” Letterpress card 4) Rifle Paper Company Shaggy Dog Card 5) Rifle Paper Company Desktop Calendar 6) Mr. Charlie Bernard himself