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For the Love of the Game- It's Opening Day!

I grew up a Chicago Cubs fan. A die hard Chicago Cubs fan. I was a Cubs fan before Henry Rowengartner broke his arm and started pitching strikes in the blockbuster "Rookie of the Year." I can talk to you about Harry Caray, Ernie Banks, Steve Bartman, the 105 year World Series Championship drought, and the fact that thanks to the addition of Ron Santo in the Hall of Fame, the Cubs have a hall of famer in every position. I can name drop my All Cubs team (which, like it or not, would include both Ryne Sandberg and Mark Grace). I believe the Cubs will win again, and I believe Wrigley Field is one of the most sacred places in the world (regardless that you may think it smells like urine, beer and bad hotdogs). Now, living in Michigan, I have the option to watch a team that wins. They win more than they lose...all of the time. They are fun to watch and they have a crazy following-- the entire state of Michigan loves the Tigers (including my husband). I love that people get excited for the Tigers, but I love even more that people get excited for baseball-- a game I have loved for almost 32 years! As I continue my allegiance to the Cubs, and you keep cheering for your powerhouse Tigers, I've pulled together some fun baseball themed gifts that can bring us all together in appreciation of the game of baseball and the excitement for another exciting summer of ball ahead! Check them out below! Batter up!   RPS-OpeningDay 1.)    Tokens & Icons Tigers Baseball Cufflinks - These cufflinks are created from authentic Tigers game-used Major League Baseballs.  Our favorite part? You can look up what game the ball was played in, using the authentication number on the back of each cuff link. A perfect gift for that baseball aficionado. Not a Tiger’s fan? No big deal, we can special order many MLB teams! Email us for more information at 2.)    How to Speak Baseball- This guide to the language of baseball decodes the amusing, clever phrases that pepper commentary about the sport. Packed with witty explanations of everything from “duster”, “around the horn”, and “rubber arm” to “up the elevator,” this ballpark lexicon plays on a nostalgic love for the national pastime while covering ground from baseball’s beginnings to today. Perfect for that baseball rookie or your favorite hall of famer. 3.)    Dad’s Playbook - Tommy Lasorda, former manager of the LA Dodgers said, "The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination." Find this and hundreds of additional sports quotes in this fun book! 4.)    Tiger’s Bottle Opener- No need to have tickets to Opening Day, when you hold this bottle opener made from an authentic bat used in a Major League baseball game, you’ll feel like you’re in the action. You can look up what game the bat was played in using the authentication number on the back of the opener—it even tells you who was pitching! Not a Tiger’s fan? No big deal, we can special order many MLB teams! Email us for more information at 5.)    Tokens & Icons Tiger Field Pen - A must-have for the true baseball fan, this pen keeps ballpark memories close at hand. Designed to look as smooth and inviting as a brand new bat, each pen was crafted from authentic stadium-seat wood from America's most famous and beloved stadiums. Each pen is engraved with the stadium name and timeline, and arrive with a signed card of authenticity. Not a Tiger’s fan? No big deal, we can special order many MLB teams! Email us for more information at 6.)    Baseball’s Greatest Quotations. This custom ordered gift book is a must have for those die hard baseball fans in your life. Bound in gorgeous white Italian leather, this book has the famous and lesser known (but equally awesome) baseball quotes from the last 100+ years!   Personalization is available in gold stamping, making this a super unique gift! Email us at for more information! 7.)    Leftfield Letterpress Baseball Cards. This was one of our favorite finds at the National Stationery Show two years ago in New York. These combination letterpress baseball cards/postcards show the most marvelous mustaches to ever grace the game.  Continue your card collection with an array of bizarre baseball injury cards, players with food names (who doesn’t love Daryl Strawberry?!) and an additional series of mustache cards! A must have for those who love a handwritten note AND baseball!