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Downtown Tecumseh Holiday Open House & Recipe Walk

Join us for two days of elfin' around in Tecumseh this weekend, during the Holiday Open House & Recipe Walk! Stop in and see us at Rock Paper Scissors and you’ll get 20%* off all Coton Colors items - including Happy Everything platters, cookie jars, and more, as well as all the adorable attachments! To celebrate this Elfin' good time, with ANY purchase you’re also invited to grab a boy or girl elf ornament (shown below) for just $5.00 – the ornaments are regularly priced $20.00. Coton Colors Elf Ornament Bulbs In addition to the holiday cheer and special discounts, Rock Paper Scissors will be one of the 25 downtown merchants handing out recipe cards as part of the 12th Annual Recipe Walk! Check out our recipe below, and make sure you stop by this Friday and Saturday, November 14 & 15, in downtown Tecumseh, Michigan!

North Pole Pops

1 bag of marshmallows (about 30-35 marshmallows in a bag)

1  16 oz. package of semi-sweet chocolate chips

6-8 peppermint sticks, crushed into small pieces

35 small, thin candy canes


1. Place a marshmallow on each of the candy canes. Place crushed candy cane pieces in small bowl.

2. Place chocolate in medium heat-proof glass bowl and place bowl over pot of simmering water.  Make sure bowl fits snugly on pot and that bottom of bowl does not touch water inside – just rests on lip of pot.  Stir chocolate constantly with rubber spatula  until melted, shiny and smooth. Do NOT allow any water to get into chocolate – chocolate will seize immediately!

3.  Use a spoon to pour chocolate evenly over each marshmallow. Do not dip marshmallow into chocolate. This could cause your melted chocolate in bowl to harden. Using back of spoon, spin marshmallow piece while smoothing chocolate.  Make sure to cover the top of the marshmallow but leave the end where the stick enters uncovered.

4.  Before chocolate hardens, dip just the tops of the covered marshmallow pieces into your bowl of crushed peppermint candies. Then place on parchment paper to set. Enjoy as is, or use as your hot chocolate stirrer.

North Pole Pops Recipe Holiday Open House Tecumseh Michigan   ** 20% off of all Coton Colors excludes Christmas ornaments.