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Bon Voyage: Simple DIY Gift Packaging for Your Favorite Traveler

In recent years, my friends have scattered across the country (and the globe!) for various awesome adventures. From living the ski life out in Colorado to embarking on casual year-long 'round the world trips, it’s been awesome to hear their stories - even though it can be bittersweet when saying goodbye. I recently assembled this DIY gift wrap to celebrate the start of a friend’s new adventure. All you need is a paper grocery bag, a map, some twine, and washi tape. travel_Composite
  1. Wrap your gift box in the brown paper, keeping the print on the inside (nobody needs to know you’re reusing from your recent trip to Kroger). Use washi tape as a replacement to scotch or mailing tape to make it extra pretty - I used this map print, which I’m quite obsessed with. Plus it goes well with the whole travel/bon voyage theme.
  2. Now for the gift tag. I received a Christmas present wrapped in the World Map from Cavallini & Co. It was too folded to reuse as wrap, but it was perfect to make a gift tag - and yes, I loved this paper so much that I've been hanging on to it since December, what can I say? For pointers on gift tags (and a downloadable tracing guide), check out our earlier DIY post here.
  3. String up some twine, wrap it around the present and the gift tag and call it a day! Easy peasy, yet super cute, if I do say so myself.
Tags-1 Both the world map sheet wrap and map print washi tape are available at Rock Paper Scissors in Ann Arbor. Looking for more travel and map inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board “Travel, Adventure & Maps” or take a peek at our DIY Map Wall Art post! Want your very own set of these bad tags? Head over to Good Girl Goes Rad, share your favorite place you've traveled or your dream destination and be entered to win your very own set of travel gift tags!